Chartreux Cat Breed

Cats are beautiful creatures, friendly in nature, sharp, intelligent, playful, makes up your mood, relieves your stress. Breed means types, types of cats. Different types of cat breed include Turkish angora, Chartreux cat, Persian cats, Maine coon, Bengal cat, Munchkin cat, etc.


The Chartreux cat was discovered in the 18th century. It is said to be a French breed. It is said that Chartreux is a blue cat that smiles like Mona Lisa. It is not easy to determine that where it first developed. As there is a great history about all the breeds, same this cat story is too great. Chartreux was basically bred by monks. Monks are the members or group of members that are formed by community. They work for religious purposes. These monks bred the cats and also taught them to stay quiet and do not disturb them while meditating. You can say that these cats were the companions of the monks.

The duty of these cats were to keep the place where they were living safe from mice and rats. Hence, these cats fulfilled their duty. When the World War 2 ended, you can say that we lost a large amount of this cat specie. Wild Chartreux was near about to extinct but special thanks to the breeders, they helped a lot in preserving the Chartreux. Therefore, Chartreux is also known as the national cat of France.


Chartreux may live for 12 to 15 years. The average height is measured 9 to 11 inches and the weight varies from 6to 12 pounds. Its coat length is short.

How Chartreux looks

Chartreux are mostly gray colored cats. They have shining bright eyes. Mostly copper eye color can be seen. They have round faces with slightly contoured forehead. The muzzle you can say is narrow or small as compared. Their heads are broad.Their nose is straight.  They are very sweet.

These cats basically have muscular bodies, larger in length, with small arms and legs. These cats have broader shoulders as compared to others and have deeper chests. If someone enters a dark room and notices shining or sparkling eyes, they can easily become afraid and so Chartreux eyes are also referred to as Halloween colored eyes. It can be of any shade ranging from copper to golden.

But mostly clear, deep brilliant orange colored is observed. This cat gives every time smiling expressions whenever you will have an interaction with her. Chartreux cats have ears medium in length that can be seen straight on head. Feet of this cat is mostly hidden in the body mass but are seen round and their length is also medium. The bones of this cat are hard and small, not that much small but shorter. Tail, an important part of cats, that tells us about the mood, behavior.

Chartreux cat has a very fluffy tail, and seems heavy from the bottom. These cats are very soft, wool like. These cats vary in color. Mostly they are in gray color, but colors do vary. Bright tone is mainly observed. Some people consider these cats as scary but others love to keep them. It totally depends on the taste of the people.

Nature of Chartreux Cat Breed

The Chartreux cats are so popular because of their peaceful nature. And this is the main reason that monks prefer to keep these cats with them and bred them. Whenever you will meet these cats, they will always welcome you with a huge smile on their face.

Chartreux cats have such a friendly nature, that they easily adjust with you. They have a loving nature. Chartreux cats, when gets comfortable with you, comes to you, sits near you or on your lap, they themselves take love and make their own place in one’s life. Talking about sense of humor in Chartreux cats, they have a good sense of humor.

They understand everything, jokes, behaviors, moods, whatever is going on but they keep their comment up to them. They don’t show any thing or don’t give any bad gesture rather they keep smiling and also keep the audience happy and satisfied. As like humor, they have higher intelligence. If you teach them anything, any name, any color, anything means anything, they are capable of learning it within no time.

They are always in a mood for learning new things or you can say that they are eager to learn. They have very keen observation regarding anything. Chartreux cats have good hunting skills. They can easily hunt or prey on what you have asked them to do. I bet you, they will never disappoint you rather they will satisfy you and make you believe in them and you both will be happy about the positive responses you get from either side.

These cats, as told don’t make voice or scream loudly, they have such quite nature that even when you feed them or give them their snacks, they just make a purr sound. Even if they want to do meow, you might notice that they have opened their mouth but you cannot hear their meow. Whatever they do you will find great courage and enthusiasm into everything they do.

Chartreux cats love to play, especially with moving objects. As we know that many cats get scared when they see any moveable object near them, they just jump into their care taker lap but Chartreux loves to play with the objects that move. They play with the toys that move, their other cat friends and their human friends. As we say that someone hypnotized us with their deeds so same is the case, Chartreux creates a spell on us, hypnotizes us with a beautiful heavenly smile.

This cat breed is much active in nature like if any task is given to them they will complete it, like many other cats just get disappear or hide somewhere else where you cannot find them to avoid any work, Chartreux has the ability to complete all the tasks. This cat breed does everything with full dedication.


Chartreux cat breed have usually a good control on their temperament. They are dependent on you but they love independency and so you will find them a bit distant from you. These cats appreciate when you love them, but they will never ask you or give you any gesture that they need your rather nor they will do any attention seeking activity. They will silently observe whatever is going on, how you are treating them.

Even if you don’t invite them to sleep with you will find them in your bed sleeping with you. They themselves take the love by doing such cute things. They have good habits. They prefer staying clean and their habitat clean too. They don’t create mess which becomes a major problem to handle with. As we know the vocal volume of these cats is low, they tell us everything through their body language.

Whatever we will teach them, they will give us a demo. Like we will sit on our knees and act to scream and scratch, the same they will do, that proves their intelligence, original sense of humor. Chartreux cats have very fast reflexes and understands what is happening near them. When you will watch television and feels like you are alone, they will be your television friend, they will accompany you and won’t let you feel bore or alone. If you just want to check their intelligence, just throw a ball and you will be amazed by how they will catch it and bring it to you and even they are capable of solving puzzles or blocks.

The care takers of these cats swear that Chartreux cats will surprise you and leave you speechless. They better know that when they will fulfill your desires they will be given love, appreciation, gratitude, they will be praised and so they do it because they don’t seek artificially your attention.


When you live with someone for many years or spend a large part of your life with them, you automatically learn about their needs, desires, that what they want and when they want. When you live with your Chartreux, you learn about what he needs, when he needs, what are the demands, how to fulfil or satisfy your cat. You will become quite observing like your pet.

Chartreux don’t make noise and so they cannot tell you that what issue is being faced by them so you need to pay much attention towards them. This is such a cute act that will make place in your heart. Chartreux cats are friendly to new people, strangers but this merely does not mean that they will make new friends. These cats are so calm and so loving, or even you can say so responsible that if you ever leave them home they will not create any mess or when you will return, will show you any anger or will be dis mood. They will happily welcome you. As many cats intervene your sleep, they wake you up, you will never find Chartreux doing so.

These cats really do take care of your sleep, your rest time.  The nature of this cat breed is so good that it is the best fit for families, small kids. They have very peaceful, non-disturbing nature that you can make them as your television partner, your travel partner, playing partner. This breed has the ability to adjust according to the circumstances. They are not noisy at all.

Health Issues

If your cat is not giving you gestures or showing you symptoms, you must still look after you cat. You must closely observe her. Like human beings, they too develop diseases after certain age, we visit to doctor, so same is the case with the cats. They can also develop any disease. You must take care of them and make sure that they are treated fairly. When you go to any breeder to buy a cat and he says to you that this breed has no issue, the breed is perfectly okay! Never trust that person until or unless he gives you an insurance certificate or any warranty card.

The most common health problem faced by Chartreux cat breed is the kidney problem and infection in urinary tract. As for humans, doctors say that obesity is the gate way to all the diseases, if we take a healthy diet we can live longer without any disease. If we provide our cat with a healthy diet, everything will be perfect or you can say balanced. Make sure that the weight of your cat is ideal so she will not develop any disease.

Bathing and Grooming

Chartreux cats have short thick fur and it is quite easy to look after it. They don’t have large fur that is difficult task. Thus, it creates problems and needs special care. Cats don’t need bath daily and so some are afraid of water. You must comb their hair once or twice a week, as you feel comfortable. In spring time, these cats loose more hair like just like leaves fall from trees. Bathing them once or twice a year is sufficient for them.

You need to cut the nails every week so the dirt is not accumulated and the cat may not seem dirty or untidy. Do brush the teeth with the medicated tooth paste, given by vet. Overall, Chartreux is a healthy pet. Chartreux is a very friendly pet and has the ability to increase the family.

Where you can find Chartreux cat breed

If you need to buy a Chartreux cat, there are many options like you can have a search on web, then you can ask a friend or family member, you may post an ad on social media, talk to breed rescue, they might help you to buy your cat.


Chartreux cats breed are rare now. The starting cost of this cat is 1000$ and may go to 2500$ depending upon the quality of the cat you want.


What is the personality like?

Chartreux cats are best known because of their sweet, peaceful and gentle nature. They respond well and don’t make any noise or irritate.

Is Chartreux cat friendly in nature?

Yes, they are very friendly that they can easily become friends with strangers. They never disappoint you in any field. They always welcome you with heavenly smile.

What are the characteristics of these cats breed?

 Chartreux cat breed have many characteristics like calm peaceful nature, they don’t make noise, they are quite friendly, they are powerful, they have sharp hunting skills, smiling expression is must, they love to play with moveable toys and are active and even they can let you understand what they want. These characteristics make Chartreux cat a best fit for family and kids.

What is the color of this cat?

The color of a Chartreux cat ranges from blue to gray and they eye color is copper to gold.

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