Why Do Cats Love People Who Are Allergic to Them?

Cats always seem to smell who wants them the least. We all have a place where people are allergic to cats, and that’s what cats are allergic to. why?

This is not because cats are malicious and want people to cough and sneeze, although it’s nice to think so. Eye contact can scare the cat. People who stare at it make them nervous.

In humans, eye contact is considered part of communication. On the other hand, cats believe that prolonged direct eye contact is a threat. If you have a good relationship with the cat (and you should), try to get the cat’s attention. It will look at you once and then other things. This is not because your cat is ignoring you, but because it trusts you enough not to stare.

Have you ever noticed that cats pay the most attention to you when they are busy, but not the most when you really want to play? This is not because the cat has to watch its own time, but because you are not looking at the cat to make it feel like you trust it.

How does this attract cats to people who are allergic to it? The cat entered the room and all the cat lovers stared at it, hoping the kitten would play with them. On the other hand, an allergic person tries to ignore cats, hoping he can ignore them too.

Of course, the cat sees this person as the least threatening person, and approaching them directly will drive their allergies crazy.

Why Do Cats Love Fresh Step Cat Litter?

Fresh Step Litter is a paw-activated deodorizing litter formula made from “Fresh Step Clay”. It is activated when it comes into contact with the cat’s paw and will clump when it gets dirty. This caking effect allows the litter to be easily scooped up and disposed of, keeping the fresh litter in place. The end result is a happy cat and a clean and fresh smelling house.

Hands-on assessment

When I first opened the Fresh Step bucket, I immediately had the impression that the smell of cat litter was very fresh and delicious. Since most cat litter has no odour or worst of all, it has a musty odour, which is surprising. When I started pouring the new stairs into the bin, the room started to fill with this extremely fresh, clean scent. So far so good. At this point I am impressed

Can these things really be that good?

The next idea that comes to mind is performance. How do cats absorb the fresh scent of new litter? In addition, will the fresh aroma disappear after a few days?

The proof is in the kitten’s poop!

Looking forward to checking the trash can the next day, I am very excited. When I entered the room where the trash can was stored I smelled an exaggerated odour and smelled … clean air. When I knelt to dig the trash can I can say for sure the cat was taken to the trash, but there was hardly any smell.

After a month of use, the verdict has come into effect

It has been a month since we started using freshly graduated cat litter, and I have to say it is certainly well received. When we put the fresh trash in the trash can, the fresh scent filled the whole room. Once activated several times, the fresh scent will be replaced without any peculiar smell, only clean air, no peculiar smell. The way the fresh step absorbs scents is almost magical. Strongly recommended.

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