My cat just had kittens what do I do? 6 Tips for Caring Momma Cats and Kittens

My cat just had kittens what do I do? Last week we had one very pretty, very pregnant momma cats who decided to deliver her kittens right there in the trap upon her arrival at our clinic! The first bit of good news, all five of the kittens came out healthy and strong. We then … Read more

What can I feed a stray cat? When a stray cat appears at your door

What can I feed a stray cat? Stray cats are common in public places such as parks and alleys. These cats are usually lost or abandoned and have been socialized by people before. However, if you are homeless or have been in the wild for a while. You can become a feral cat. The question … Read more

What to give a cat for diarrhoea? Cat Diarrhoea causes/symptoms/treatment

You`ve noticed while cleaning out your cat’s litter box that they’ve been having cat diarrhoea lately, and you’re a little concerned. Millions of cat parents witness this same issue with their cats every year. Whether your cat’s version is the soft and gooey variety, the streaky bloody style or the unfortunately watery kind, you can … Read more

What is the smallest cat breed? 6 Smallest Cat Breeds

What is the smallest cat breed? We all love to have cute kittens, and many of us want them to be tiny forever. Luckily, there are still small cat breeds that are fully grown. Check out our list of the 7 smallest cat breeds that can still offer more than life. No one can deny … Read more

What does a cat seizure look like?

Seeing a cat convulsing is frightening for pet owners. Due to the brain’s abnormal electrical activity, seizures can trigger disturbing behaviours such as throwing foreign objects, drooling, and chewing teeth. But fortunately, although it may seem scary, it’s not always a medical emergency. Read on to find out why cats have seizures and what to … Read more

What to do if your cat is constipated? Constipation in Cats

What to do if your cat is constipated? What is constipation in cats? Constipation is defined as an abnormal accumulation of faeces in the large intestine, which makes it difficult to defecate. This may decrease the frequency or prevent bowel movements. Faeces remain in the large intestine (large intestine). Because one of the colon’s primary … Read more

What age is senior cat? Senior Cat Age

What age is a senior cat? Thanks to modern medicine and the excellent care of pets, cats are living longer and better lives than at any other time in human history. As any cat lover knows, older cats make great companions. No longer a crazy kitten, older cats still love to play and often make … Read more

What do cat worms look like? Symptoms Causes and Treatments

Cat worms and kittens are very not unusual to place, and even as they are probably a problem to owners, they do now no longer commonly have critical results and are smooth to deal with. Our manual includes professional recommendations from certified and registered veterinary nurses that will help you select the quality route of … Read more

What do crystals in cat urine look like? CAUSES & TREATMENTS

What do crystals in cat urine look like?  Crystals are microscopic deposits that can form in your cat’s urine. Commonly found when taking a cat to the vet for common urination problems, such as urinating too often, not urinating enough, or having an accident outside the toilet. Your veterinarian will do a urine test to … Read more

What does cat period look like? What Is The Estrus Cycle?

Like most female mammals, cats go through a physical cat period cycle that prepares their bodies for fertilization and childbirth. In humans, this cycle is called “menstruation.” In cats, this is called estrus. When female cats are in estrus, they are said to be “in heat” and receive hormones for both sexual intercourse and reproduction. … Read more