Princess Cat Food Review

Princess Cat Food is one of the popular Cat food variants in the Philippines. I guess every animal pet shop you go to, you will surely find Princess Cat Food on for sale. So today, I am going to write a blog post about Princess Cat Food.

Where to Find Princess Cat Food?


You can almost buy this cat food anywhere. If you see a pet animal food supply store nearby, you can go and ask if they are selling this kind of cat food. I am 100% sure that they do because Princess Cat food is one of the cheapest cat food you can find.
You can also go to the high-end pet shops. For sure they have this cat food variant as well together with the more premium cat foods.

What can you say about Princess Cat Food?


My cats seem to like princess cat food a lot. Once you feed them, you will hardly see any leftovers.

However, I have read multiple reviews online and on Facebook that this cat brand is associated with most of the kidney failure for cats. I can’t say that it is true and I can’t say that it is not.

Because of that uncertainty, I decided to switch over to a more reputable brand of cat food that has less saltiness and no grains cat food. I have read that these cat foods are a lot better but of course heavier in the pocket.

But hey, heavier in the pocket right now but easier in the future because you will save yourself for those unnecessary vet bills and the roller coaster of emotions thinking that your cat can’t pee due to urinary tract infection or worse kidney disease.

Better we prevent these situations by investing with the right cat food and health for our feline pets.

Will you recommend it?


I would not say I don’t and I would not say yes. It is up to you and depending on your budget.

My take is sometimes when your cats feel picky because they have been eating the same food for a while, you can scoop a little princess from time to time just to change the flavor, and then switch back to a higher or premium grade cat food.

There is an alternative to Princess that has worked well for me and my cats that I wrote about a while back. That is the Special Cat food. Check out the blog by clicking the link.

2 thoughts on “Princess Cat Food Review”

  1. My cat died because of kidney failure and has been eating princess cat food ever since. Our vet told us that his food might be the cause of his sickness. There were many bad reviews about princess cat food and how it was associated with many kidney failure cases. Vet said princess cat food was too salty for cats.

  2. I really wouldn't recommend feeding princess cat food to your pet. Our veterinarian diagnosed our cat with kidney disease and we were told that princess can cause 'that'. Thankfully we were able to save him and he's doing better but still not certain if it has long-term effects on our cat.


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