Special Cat Food Review

It is the right time for me to review Special Cat Food. I have several cats, and looking for the best cat food out there is not an easy task. You want to make sure that you select the right food that provides total nutrients and, at the same time, will not break your bank.

In the past, I have used princess cat food because it is cheap and easy to find. You can find this food repacked on a per kilo basis in the nearest pet store. However, due to the reviews I have read online, I was forced to look for an alternative that is within my budget. Something a lot better than their current diet.

Special Cat Food by Monge. Monge is an Italian brand that manufactures food for dogs labeled as Special Dog. Based on the information I found online, that Special Cat Food is solely made for the Philippine market.

What pushed me to switch to try Special Cat Food?

Seeing the reviews of the cat lovers in different Facebook groups made me try it.

My experience below with Special Cat Food.

  • My cat’s stool is solid and significantly has a less foul odor.
  • Cats love the taste. They are asking for more servings of the food.
  • They have gained weight but not overweight.
  • Less shedding of fur.

How much is the per kilo of Special Cat Food?

This price varies from store to store. I get my supply of special cat from one of the stores in Tiendesitas. They sell it to me 110 pesos per kilo and I guess you can buy their 1 sack of special cat food for 800 pesos only. 1 sack, by the way, has 7 kilos in it.

Is there a wet food with a special cat food brand?

Yes, there is. There are different variants to choose from. Shrimp (there is an actual shrimp in the food). Vegetable, and chicken.

Does this cause any urinary tract issues with our cat?


I have been using Special cat food and my cats love it. It has been years and none of my cats suffered from Urinary tract infection. But if you are looking for a Urinary tract friendly cat food, you can go for those premium ones or buy the newest special cat food variant that is called Special Cat Food Urinary. This food costs a bit more but if you want to be so sure, then you can try this out.

Final Thoughts

I like the food for my cats. Aside from the fact that this food is affordable, they are also well received by different cat owners. Cat owners have reported positive feedback as well for this cat food brand.

6 thoughts on “Special Cat Food Review”

  1. I also use special cat dry food because of it's high protein content compared to others. However, one of my cats have recurring UTI, so I bought a bag of special cat urinary, but too late, I saw that it is not recommended for cats with no prior health problems. It's so hard to give them separate food as I just keep their bowls full all the time and I see my healthy cat eating it. Now I'm looking for data online to regarding this, that's why I stumbled upon your blog.

    • You can use royal canin urinary wet food for alternative aside from Special cat food urinary. I use special cat food chicken and turkey for my pets. Since it’s cheaper and healthy. Before I use orijen and royal canin but too much expensive. I alternate their diet with wet food and dry food.

  2. Hi! So you are saying that special cat urinary is not advisable for healthy cats? I’m planning to use this cat food as an alternative for my cat’s cat care cat food and I happened to see your comment on this blog.

  3. My cat also gets UTI and his latest bout had him hospitalized for almost a week. Based on my experience dry cat food is really the culprit. Not even the more expensive brands could avoid the recurrence of UTI. Because of this I feed him more wet cat food (Kit Cat) and just use the dry food (Orijen, Carnilove) as toppings. Rarely do I feed him dry food as his main food. It’s just used as toppings or as a small treat. So far since his main meals are wet food and his urine flow is very good. I just need more cat litter than usual because he pees more often since he eats more wet food.

    • Thanks for the input. We are alternately giving wet and dry food. Personally, I switched to Origen cat food and some Royal Canin wet food. I hope you and your cat is doing well.


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