7 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Cats will show you their love as masters in many different ways. Some cats will show great affection while others will show less affection. They have body language and you can learn how they feel. Here are some ways cats can show love to you.

Eyes blink slowly

The cat may blink at you slowly and show love for you. This is a sign of love, but when the cat does this, not many people realize it. Watch your cat for a while to see if this is happening.


Cats spend a lot of time grooming, but this is not always necessary to stay clean. They use it to contact you and reduce stress. If your cat comes to lick you, you are a member of their “cat family”. Cats will do this to express your love, but this is another one that we often don’t like. It’s actually an expression of love for cats.

Rubbing ass and head

Cats like to walk around on your lap, with their cat’s head or butt towards you. This is a sign that you mark as ownership. There are pheromones on the cat’s face, these pheromones rub against you so that the cats around you feel comfortable. Every cat has a different pheromone so they can easily spot you. They sit on their lap and do many things, and if you pet the cat, they may want to rub your head. This is a sign of love for you.

follow you

If cats like to follow you from room to room in the house, they will show interest in you and want to be in the same place with you. Cats that don’t show other types of love can follow you and give you love this way.

To give away

No one likes to see dead birds or snakes in the house, but cats express their love this way by giving you presents. When an animal does this, it is not correct to scold the cat as it is a sign of your affection. This cat hopes to bring you a gift that will satisfy you.


If you have been walking for a long time, the cat may withdraw from activities when you return home, run around more often than usual, or tease a little. This is normal and it is a sign of love for you.

On the stomach

A cat rolling over and showing you its belly to show you that she trusts and cares about you. The cat will not do this in the wild because it is being attacked. When your cat does this, the animal will show you that you are important.

These are some of the ways cats show love to their owners. Your cat can perform all of these actions, or just a few, depending on the cat’s mood and how they feel about you.

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