4 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Cat Happier

1. Motivate your cat to stay active

Most people’s waist circumference is getting bigger and bigger and they have overweight problems, but unfortunately, their pets have the same problem.

According to a current study, about 55% of domestic cats are overweight today.

This is caused by 3 main problems, such as a sedentary lifestyle, a high-calorie diet and too many snacks.

If cat owners allow cats to exercise and exercise a lot, and give them the daily calorie meals they need, the cats will stay healthy and live longer without the problems of a short life and expensive medication.

Even the simplest cat toys can turn an obese, lethargic cat into a lean, active cat.

2. Take the cat outside for fresh air and sunshine

For indoor or outdoor cats, cat lovers may not entirely agree.

Whatever they decide to do, they need to make sure their kittens can enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a safe way.

They may consider building a closed cattery or cattery to protect their cats that are not outside.

3. Build tall things for cats to climb, hide, and observe

Today’s cats come from many domestic cats that are 12,000 years old.

Based on the researchers’ findings, all current domestic cats come from one ancestor: the ancient wild cat Felis sylvestris lybica in Africa.

Until now, this African wild cat still exists, which is why they are familiar with it.

Its standout feature is its small size.

Because African wild cats originated in the wild, they are called predators and prey.

African feral cats act as predators, hiding high in the bushes/hills and preparing for approaching prey. As prey, it climbed high places that large predators could not follow in search of shelter.

So, what does this mean for cat owners and their domestic cats? These modern house cats long for a great shelter. For some agile cats, it is normal to climb to the top of the shelf or refrigerator.

4. Provide something for the cat’s gripper

Cat claws will continue to grow.

Since their claws aren’t pinched off often, they file them up by scraping their claws on a surface.

This behaviour is inherited from its ancestors, and its benefits aren’t just nail clipping.

To protect the furniture and cushions of the house, they can therefore give the cat its own scratching surface.

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