What is the biggest house cat?

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What is the biggest house cat?

Maine Coon is the biggest house of cats.

One of the cats that can get along with almost everyone, both humans and animals. The Maine Coon has a playful yet relaxed personality, and he loves both playing and cuddling. It is in fact a very flexible breed of cats. In fact also suitable for moving and walking, because it can also be very well on a leash.

He loves to show his affection for his owners with frequent blows of the head and following them in every room of the house.

Here are 3 Other biggest houses of cats below

Exotic Shorthair

A true perennial warmer, the Exotic Shorthair is known for being loyal and affectionate, and for following its owners around the house and snuggling together whenever possible. They are a little wary of excessive activity. So they are a little suspicious of children and those they don’t know. But with a little time, they make excellent companions.


The Ragdoll loves activities, it is in fact a very intelligent cat who loves to play, without making differences between playmates. He enjoys interacting with everyone, regardless of age or level of knowledge. It adapts easily, making it a perfect cat for a family with children.


The Persian is, just like its “relatives”, the Ragdoll, a gentle cat who loves cuddles. He will always be ready to return our affection. He is not a very active cat, but he loves the company of people, even just sitting next to them and admiring what is going on.

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