How to prevent cat fleas ? What to do if your cat has fleas?

Cat fleas aren’t continually obvious on cats—in fact, cats are infamous for “hiding” that they have got fleas. If you notice fleas to your cat, they regularly seize you via way of means of surprise: tiny, brief creatures that scurry thru your cat`s fur, feasting on its blood, and inflicting itching. Sometimes it’s miles a moderate itch. Other times, it reasons intense hair loss and itching.

Common Cat Diseases Transmitted by Cat Fleas

In addition to itching and biting, fleas can also carry other diseases that may be more detrimental to your cat’s health.

Anaemia: An uncontrolled flea infection can cause anaemia due to bleeding. It can sometimes be fatal, especially for kittens. Pale gums are a red flag for anaemia in kittens and the need for immediate veterinary attention.

Tapeworms: Fleas also carry parasites called tapeworms, commonly found in flea-exposed cats.

What does cat fleas mean to you?

This means you have to go through several steps to get rid of fleas permanently. What’s wrong with fleas? Fleas drink your pet’s blood and leave itchy pimples at the bite site. Infected pets may develop anaemia (severe bleeding)! In addition to blood stolen from pets, fleas carry parasites such as tapeworms, which can cause allergic reactions.
Flea Allergic Dermatitis is caused by fleas and can cause severe itching and secondary infection.

Treating pets is not enough! Cat fleas Prevention

Fleas don’t just live on pets, they live in homes and yards.
This means that the fight against fleas should be done on three sides: pets, home and yard. The
flea life cycle has 4 stages and can take up to 8 months to complete, so it will take time to get rid of all fleas from your pet’s environment.

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Your first step

Get rid of fleas currently in your cart. You can bathe your cat against fleas with
Cat Safe Flea Shampoo, which removes any fleas your cat has when they come to the salon.
This provides temporary relief from the current pests, however, shampoos do not kill all stages of the flea life cycle. You`ll need to continue with a topical or oral treatment as directed by your veterinarian, and treat your furniture, carpets, etc. for full relief care.

Next: Prevention

Treat your pet with monthly oral or topical spot treatments like Revolution, Frontline, Christine or Advantage, and more. Your veterinarian can recommend the best product for you and your area. Make sure the product is safe for cats. Cats are very sensitive to certain chemicals. Dog products can hurt or even kill your cat! If in doubt, contact your veterinarian. If your cat has just finished bathing, you may need to wait a few days before applying the product.

Continuation of the Battle

Now, when your cat is more comfortable, remove the fleas from the environment. If you don’t take care of the environment, fleas will keep breeding and biting you and your pets!

Home: There are many different home care products on the market.
Among these are carpet and floor sprays, bombs and atomizers, and powders. Read the
label carefully and choose the right product for your home.
Double-check that the product is cat-safe.

Yard: If you have fleas in your house, you have fleas in your yard. Fleas can jump over 6 feet and can ride in on any carrier they can find: cats, dogs, and even humans. There are many insecticides available on the market, but the best long-term flea management contains insect growth regulators. These products prevent anything with a larval stage (like fleas) from maturing so once the current generation dies, the fleas will be unable to replenish their numbers.

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Last But Not Least/Cat fleas Prevention

Don`t give up! A flea infestation can be very difficult to get rid of, but with the right products and diligent effort, you and your cat can be flea free! To help with the flea removal process, we recommend a Followup Flea Bath within 23 weeks after your initial grooming appointment.



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