What should cat poop look like?

Want to know “What should cat poop look like?” Let’s face it, talking about it isn’t exactly nice. But observing the colors of the cat’s poop tells us a lot about the health of our beloved kitty.

For the owners of a cat, it will not be a problem at all to observe the colors and consistency of the cat’s poop. After all, we clean the litter box every day! It takes very little and observing even the slightest chance we can realize that something is wrong and immediately run to the vet.

What should cat poop look like?

The colors of the cat’s poop vary according to its state of health. It can indicate the presence of a disease or a disorder. The feces of a healthy cat have a solid but never too dry consistency and, moreover, have a well-defined shape similar to small logs.

Poop color must be uniform and tend to brown but of course, the shade they take depends on what the cat has eaten.
Therefore, when we observe anomalous and different colors and textures of cat poop, we must be on the alert: obviously, something is wrong!

It would also be advisable to pay attention to the frequency with which the cat does the toilet, this too represents a potential alarm bell.

Cats should poop once a day, a little more when they are puppies (and this is absolutely normal). But the average depends not only on their age but also on the type of food they eat and their state of health.

It also wouldn’t hurt to see if your cat has trouble defecating or appears to be in pain when it tries. This too indicates that there is a problem.

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Cat poop colors: when to worry

The feces of a healthy cat should be brown in color so when we look at little different colors of cat poop there is obviously a problem.

It is not uncommon for the feces to change consistency and tone depending on the food. We give to the cat and sporadic episodes can happen in which we see that it does the “bad poop”. The black color does not promise anything good, it would make us worry a lot even if it were our own feces!

When the poop is this color or at least a brown so dark that it seems almost black, it means that there is blood in the cat’s feces.

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