What is the most popular type of cat?

Today we are talking about “What is the most popular type of cat?” Would you like to have a cat that is cuddly, affectionate and tied to its owner? Then there are several breeds that you can consider.

What is the most popular type of cat?

The Persian is the most popular type of cat.

The Persian cats need a lot of stroking and are generally very quiet. Likewise, the Bengal constantly seeks cuddles from its owner, follows him everywhere and behaves in a very sociable way, even if it would not be said to judge by its wild appearance.

Speaking of dogs, the Maine Coon is also called the cat-dog and not surprisingly. In fact, he is very attached to his master, cuddly, playful and often brings objects back.

The Maine Coon is lively, loves to hunt and run around. He has a strong need for movement and loves to run around outdoors. At the same time, it is also suitable for apartment living, as long as it has enough space to move around. It is a very sociable cat that needs a lot of company and loves to play with other animals.

So affectionate as to resemble a dog, the Ragdoll is characterized by its docile and balanced nature, thanks to which it gets along very well with small children. Equally peaceful is the British Shorthair, which thanks to its adaptability can be kept both in the apartment and in semi-freedom outdoors.

If, on the other hand, you want a cat that keeps a lot of company, the Devon Rex is just for you: endowed with exceptional intelligence, it constantly needs to be tested, otherwise, it ends up getting bored and, as you can imagine, begins to mess up.

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