What does it mean when a cat hisses?

Who said only dogs are able to make themselves understood? Our feline friends are equally able to express emotions and needs, albeit with different methods. Anyone who has a cat at home knows it: the sound signals it sends us are fundamental and, with a little practice and some suggestions. In this article, we tell you “What does it mean when a cat hisses?

It will not be difficult at all to recognize them … and please them. In fact, the communication level of felines is quite advanced. It is up to us to understand them by associating each sound signal with its own meaning. So just open your ears and interpret noises and meows.

What does it mean when a cat hisses?

When the cat feels in danger or wants to communicate a state of alert, it usually hisses. Certainly, he finds himself in an uncomfortable situation that makes him feel tense. He, therefore, emits a sort of grumbling and hissing.

Three more factors can be determined e.g. The warning hiss, The hiss of pain, and Hiss from feline aggression of non-recognition.

They resemble a whistle and, when we hear it. It is better to stay away from it to prevent it from pouring out its aggression on us.

An aggressive cat can also be violent with another animal. Although there are many cases of peaceful coexistence between dogs and cats. Again, a look at body language can be helpful: arched back, straight hair, nervously wagging tail, flattened ears and open mouth showing teeth – stay away!

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The only thing to do is to try to eliminate what the cat perceives as a threat. Not all cats express themselves by hissing when they are nervous. Some in fact are more shy and insecure; others. On the other hand, may do so often due to trauma and neglect.

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I hope you have read this article to understand when cats make hisses noise.

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