What does a cat hairball look like?

Hairballs are a constant problem for cats and owners. Find out more about “What does a cat hairball look like?” The problem of hairballs is quite frequent and can create many problems for the feline’s breathing. This is why it is important to know more about this phenomenon and to understand how we can be useful to our poor cat.

What does a cat hairball look like?

In autumn and spring, or in the molting period, cat owners will have to face a common and recurring problem: that of hairballs. The cause of cat hairballs is the cat itself. In fact, it is precisely his way of taking care of his fur that makes these balls create in his stomach.

Certainly, there are some cats much more at risk than others, such as long-haired ones. Whoever adopts one will have to expect it! But it is not certain that short-haired cats are exempt from this problem. In fact, during the annual change of the hair.

The felines change their hair and eat the ‘old’ one. It will not be difficult to recognize a cat that has ingested hair that has formed boluses, as it will do anything to vomit them up.

Cat hairballs: symptoms

A coughing cat might just have a cold. But the hairball cough is different since it is an effort that will also involve his entire abdomen. It contracts during the stroke.

In addition, a series of suffering verses will accompany the entire action. This is because, in an attempt to expel them, the cat breathes badly and tries to stretch the neck as much as possible to push them back.

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Once the operation is complete, the cat should have thrown back these balls of greyish matter, sometimes linked to undigested food residues such as kibble. They may not always be circular, but also long and tapered.

Another symptom to note is the frequency of these vomiting episodes, which naturally make the cat stressed and in need of rest. It will be common for the cat to sleep often and maybe he could wriggle with pain in his stomach since the boluses are left in his stomach. And he is unable in any way to expel them.

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