What did Shane Dawson do to his cat?

YouTuber Shane Dawson apologized to the online community after making controversial remarks in 2015.

One filmmaker/conspiracy theorist made a rude joke about his cat on his podcast four years ago. And now he had to go to Twitter and point out that it was just a joke. So what exactly is the reason for all the controversy?

Here’s what you need to know…

What did Shane Dawson say about cats?

In a broadcast published on his Twitter, Shane has revealed a clip claiming to have done something “horrific” to his pet before explaining what had occurred to it.

“I once put a cat on her back.” He started before he hinted that he was cheating on sex.

Shane went on to claim that he was “only 19 at the time” when fellow doctors were shocked by what he said.

What did he say about the comments?

After the clip re-appeared, Shane took to Twitter in a series of comments to point out that this story is not true and is part of his sketch. ‘I haven’t had sex with my cat.

I didn’t fuck my cat. I never put my penis close to the cat. “I’ve never done anything strange to a cat,” he told his followers.

‘Since last year’s happening, I made a promise not to post an apology video. So I’m trying to be as short and honest as possible.’

Shane went further, explaining that the story was part of a sketching idea he had years ago, saying, “This story is fake and is based on some stupid, horrible sketching idea I’ve never done before a few years ago (thank God)” explained. And when given the opportunity for a funny moment on the podcast, I spoke as if it was a really disgusting and very stupid story.

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‘The purpose of the podcast and my video years ago was to tell a surprising story that would make people laugh and shout.” OMG NO U DIDN’T!! “And I think I’m “really crazy.” I hate this so much.”

He continued, “After the incident last year, I tried to keep it as short and honest as possible, as I promised myself that I would not film an apology video.” “I’ve apologized multiple times for all the nonsense. I’ve said in videos and podcasts over the years. I’ve learned my lessons over and over. Now I’m on my own and it’s not such a shocking laugh.” 

What is Shane Dawson’s podcast and how is it known?

The 30-year-old is known as one of the first YouTube stars to make his first video on the site in 2008 and reach 500 million views by 2010.

In 2013 he started the Shane & Friends podcast, which also featured his own producer. , Jessica Buttafuoco (joining former producer Lauren Schnipper in 2016) and his friend Drew Monson.

The podcast ran for five seasons but ended in late 2017 when the full-screen streaming service that aired the show went out of business.

Dawson has also been handling her own YouTube sequence on conspiracy theories since 2015.

As part of this work, he did a lot of what he now says he regrets. Like his story of sexually abusing cats. The story has recently gone viral, with critics of him reappearing and urging for an apology.

Another popular YouTuber, Onision, said on his channel, “This is the most disgusting thing YouTube has done to animals.

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