Cat what do fleas look like

Are you worried that your kitty is infested with parasites? In this case, it is important to take action. Let’s see how to understand if the cat has fleas and what are the most effective treatments to eradicate them.

Do you want to know “Cat what do fleas look like?” In this article, you will find out What does it mean? All you have to do is read this article carefully from beginning to end.

The cat is an extremely clean animal, which devotes most of its days to its own cleaning. Unfortunately, however, this does not reduce the risk of a parasite infestation. For this reason, it is important to take prompt action to protect the animal’s health.

Cat what do fleas look like?

Cat fleas insect is very small in size and its color is dark brown and black. This insect cannot fly but its legs are so strong that it can jump. Although the insects are small in size, they reproduce in the bodies of dogs and cats. And they suck blood.

There are some unmistakable signs, which indicate their presence. First of all, if you have recently noticed that the cat washes more than usual. This behavior should set off an alarm bell.

If, in addition to excessive cleaning, the cat has areas of the body devoid of hair, on which crusts and redness appear, it is very likely that the flea bites caused these irritations.

In fact, by biting the cat’s skin, the parasite releases a small amount of saliva, which can trigger allergic reactions in the cat. Another sign that warns you of the presence of fleas is represented by tiny dots that can be found in the fur of the animal or inside its kennel.

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This is flea feces, which appear rust-colored because they contain digested blood. To confirm it, just take a small amount and place it on a white cloth.
If after wetting them with water they release a reddish halo, there will be no doubt.


Hope you read this article from beginning to end and you know what this insect looks like and how to avoid it.

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