Exotic Short-haired Cat Breed

If you are looking for a low-maintenance pet animal, an exotic short-haired cat can be your perfect choice. As compared to the longhaired cat breeds, short-haired fur, doesn’t require daily grooming. Instead, just a periodic brushing is all needed to keep their coats from shedding and remain healthy too. If that sounds good then you have got the perfect match for your busy lifestyle, as a pet owner.

A variety of exotic cat breeds come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Intriguingly, this kind of domesticated and exotic cat breed has gained popularity in capturing the hearts of millions amongst all the rest of simple cat breeds.

But how much information is out there about this intermixed breed?  Apart from the obvious facts of being small, big, stripes, or solid colors, there are more discoveries and facts about these awesome and affectionate short-haired exotic cats.

Historical evidence

These exotic short-haired cats are an experimental new breed, developed in the early 1950s by crossbreeding Persian cats with American shorthairs, Russian blue, and Burmese breeds of animals. As more and more Persian cats were crossbred, variation coat colors emerged, such as tabby and orange exotic shorthairs. This type of feline is considered the most popular breed of short-haired cats in the world.

Despite a variety of their GENETIC MAKEUP, Exotic Short-haired cats have more or less similar characteristics.

These Exotic shorthair cats can come in a variant of different sizes and colors, but their big muscular stature is a very common trait for most. They have very distinguishable features like round-shaped heads as well as round paws.

These constantly gorging on food cat breed is known for being healthy as they love to eat constantly. Close diet control is needed to supervise their nutrition habits,  as they can easily gain too much weight rapidly. No wonder Garfield has been classified as a cartoon portraying a domesticated short-haired cat.

These loving felines are perfect companions for your family

A lot of shelters are overly populated with this kind of breed due to a lot of good and bad reasons. The major and most crucial reason that these short-haired breeds are everyone’s favorite is, they remain quite healthy while enjoying a long span of life, requiring very minimum grooming, get along well with family and friends including children and other pets under the same roof. There could be no other better reason to own such as special hassle-free friendly breed as a pet.

Exotic short-haired breeds are always busy hunting

On average these domesticated cat travels outside of the home spending most of their time to hunt for something, This kind of breed had gained their entry into the United States Mayflower, as they were admired and valued for their amazing ability to manage and reduce the population of rodents on board

Whenever a cat of this breed is spotted, it will always be working on some kind of hunt job and showing no fear to complete that task without showing tiresome expressions.

These cute and playful bundles of joy enjoy being outdoors and try to impress their owners with their hunting expertise and prizes( the stuff they find during hunting) thinking they are the only ones to carry this kind of special trait.

Exotic Short-haired Cats can spellbind you

It’s unbelievably the ultimate truth that these popular short-haired exotic cats are known to completely own you rather than you owning them.

Let’s be honest, having a soft spot in our hearts for the feline kind? Most of mankind has been attracted to this affectionate breed of the animal once in their lifetime. This big or small cat has the most lovely way of meowing for more food and demanding more love from its owner.

These loving and friendly, adorable bundles of joy, once decide to become part of your loving family, they will make sure they pay you back with their loyalty and unconditional love and kindness. Awe!

Exotic Short-haired Cats are very clever breeds

These domesticated exotic shorthaired cats are quite an intelligent breed of cats mainly because their breeding has no human intervention in the natural process of their breeding and therefore inhibits a larger genetic pool.

These highly brilliant cat breeds have an amazing learning ability to memorize what’s taught to them and they are known for quickly responding when their names are called out. This kind of cat breed is known for its impressive sharp memory.

A purebred American shorthair when compared to a domestic shorthair is mainly the physical features.

The American shorthair kittens are born with identical features, temperament, and coat quality. Whereas domestic shorthair breed kittens of the same litter, look alike but act all different

Variety in these Breeds

Exotic domesticated short-haired cats have a different variety of colors and markings because of crossbreeding. Terms used like tabby and calico are used to describe distinguished markings and have no say about the breed itself. these terms do not have anything to do with the breed; they only describe the markings on the cat.

Typically the types of Exotic shorthaired cats are as follows;

 Exotic Short-haired “TABBY”

A tabby cat has a distinct feature like a striping in the shape of a capital M mark on its head whereas a mackerel tabby has rings of stripes around its neck, chest, tail, and legs. These breeds get their name by possessing stripes on their torso which resemble the skeleton of a fish.

Another type of tabby is adorned with stripping on its feet, tail, and head only and their coloration is like of an agouti. This design of hair stripes and coloration has gotten them this name.

Exotic short-haired “Calico”

These kinds of exotic breeds are mostly females, and this interesting fact can be seen in the variety of colors they possess, adorned with patches of white, black, gray, brown, and orange all over their coats.

Exotic short-haired “Tuxedo cat”

 Factually a tuxedo has been rumored to be one of the most intelligent breeds of all types and its characteristic features resemble the name it’s given, by having a black coloration on its back, flanks, and head, along with white coloration found to complement its feet, chest, and face.

Exotic short-haired felines love exercising and playing

These felines have had a  history of catching pests and other rodents around the house while carrying on their favorite hobby of hunting. They used to be let in and out of the house to feed on vermin around the house not too long ago.

While they may be known to take their beauty rest and be docile, the domestic shorthair cats need time for physical activity and exploration and this is baked into their personalities.

Given the freedom to exercise can stimulate their intellectual abilities and physical strength. These felines love to play with toys and enjoy if other games are played with them. Laser pointer light makes them super hyper as they love to chase it, unable to actually catch it.

Different Temperament observations

Just as the personality of each of these exotic short-haired domesticated cats is different so are their colors and distinguished markings. Some can be really shy when we have visitors and go hide, while some are friendly enough to become friends and show love right away. However, for centuries they are well known to be reliably friendly and loving companions to the humans they share homes with.

Below you can explore a unique list of few popular short-haired cat breeds and their characteristics.

Lazy man’s Persian cat

This exotic short-haired breed is often called with a nickname “lazy man’s Persian” which has the same body type and personality as the Persian cat, but with a shorter coat. It is one of the most popular Exotic short-haired breeds

If you’ve always wanted a Persian cat breed but were concerned about the responsibility it came with caring for their long-coated felines, then this kind of exotic short-haired might be right for you. This sweetest and affectionate kind has the crisp looks and personality of a Persian breed and comes with minimal maintenance due to its short dense haired nature. Once a week brushing is all that is required for Exotic Short-haired breeds to keep it in their top form.


These medium-sized breeds with beautiful round heads, eyes, and bodies will tip the scales between 10 and 12 pounds. Exotic short-haired are quieter and curiously active breed than their long-haired cousins. Although these are so close cousins to Persian cats, exotic short-haired are popular for their plush fur coats, with similar flat faces and round heads. Exotic shorthairs are found in a wide range of colors and a variety of patterns. Their eyes’ colors depend on the color of their fur coat and can be blue, blue-green, or copper. Similar Persian breed, exotic shorthair cats have a short, solid appearance with large paws and short, thick tails.


Sharing a home with an exotic short-haired is a real joy. These cuddly warm, loving felines are fun to be around. They are active and love the game of “chase the ball.” After a full day the activities end, they’re equally tired and can join you on the couch or bed and take a nap. Exotic short-haired are silent cats with very soft murmur voices used only when they are hungry. These energetic exotic short-haired felines enjoy sharing their space with other cats or dogs. These loyal and curious-natured exotic short-haired owns a loveable personality trait that makes them the perfect pick for families with older children and seniors.

Living Needs

Exotic short-haired felines find happiness anywhere with your presence around.  The reason is that they’re only focused on their owners’ happiness. These low-maintenance cat breeds don’t require a lot of space and will be as happy in any place small or big. one thing for sure must be kept assured that they aren’t big fans of solitude so if you stay out a lot then it’s a good idea to have someone there for her, it could be as simple as a playmate. A cat tree and collection of cat toys( changed one in a while so they don’t get bored) are recommended for the cat to stay active indoors.

Cats love to enjoy a scenic view out the window, so a padded spot can make her love you more. As much as you want them to sleep in their cozy beds they still find all the reasons to curl up and sleep next to the owner like a lovebug.


To keep your exotic short-haired in top-notch form is very effortless. Their short, dense coats can be cleansed once a week to remove dirt and shedding hair using these recommended  grooming tools

  1. A wide-toothed dematting or shedding comb with varying lengths.
  2. A slicker brush is a wide bristled brush that can readily remove dander and dirt
  3. A furminator or flea comb can strip away the flyaway hairs.

Wiping their faces regularly can help minimize staining from the build-up of their tears.

Exotic short-haired cats can fascinate and amuse themselves pretty well and will take cat naps on couches when they feel tired. They get along well with other pets.


Usually, these exotic short-haired cats are healthy breeds, as they have so much of their DNA properties similar to that of Persian cats, but they can show resemblance in similar diseases or medical issues to the latter. Seriously affecting diseases can include heart disease or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and polycystic kidney disease. Most of these medical issues can be avoided to some extent by caring for their health and eating habits, regular dental and nail care, and last but not least purchase your kitten from a reputable breeder spayed and neutered. The lifespan is mostly expected to be about 15 years.

Fun Facts

  • As mentioned earlier, Garfield is a sarcastic cartoon cat who loved to eat lasagna was also a short-haired cat but sharing unreal traits of the latter such as laziness. In reality, these exotic short-haired animals are quite playful hunters with a good appetite all day long.

British Shorthair

  • British shorthair cats are known to be around since the stone age as they are proclaimed to be the oldest known cat breeds, initially thought to travel with the Romans all the way up to Britain. Their soft, plush coats paired with round bodies, British short-haired cats are look-alike of teddy bears.

Snowshoe Cat

  • Snowshoe cats are beautiful, loyal family companions which are crossbred with the best and the rarest Siamese cat breeds and American short-haired cat

Russian Blue

  • Russian blues are loving, devoted and intelligent, cats while they maintain their independent streak of playfulness and pretty breed.


Domesticated exotic shorthaired felines are no doubt one of the most favored and approved breeds of all, usually well-known for their peacefully loving, affectionate, and playful personalities.

Their inquisitive nature is what makes them hunt and dig for hours and therefore these cats must be given the freedom to spend time exploring outside the home as well.

Moreover, they are universally popular for possessing a very kind, loving, and caring nature with brilliantly smart intellectual abilities.


  1. How long do exotic short-haired cats live?

Domesticated cats can be expected to go through a life span of 15 to 20 years, while some reach age of 25 if health conditions are kept premium. Prevention of diseases like feline leukemia, heartworms other parasites along with a healthy diet can help your kitty spend more years with you and your family. House cats have fewer threats from predators and trauma, but more chances of obesity that can lead to diabetes.

  1. Why do exotic short-haired cats sleep so much?

Cats sleep on an average of 18 hrs a day. One main reason being energy conservation as these playful felines use a special form of sugar that’s required to re-fuel their short bursts of activity. It may take some time in restoring this energy back, so cats remain careful about their actions. Cats are usually most active in the morning and evening, for balancing out our human schedules and their instincts, that’s why they end up taking lots of “cat naps.”

  1. Why do exotic short-haired cats hate water?

Some cats enjoy playing with water but some don’t like it, it could be related to the way their fur coat is fabricated. It isn’t made for drenching and can become quite heavy when wet and can hinder their activities.

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