Egyptian Mau Cat


  • The Egyptian Mau cat is a short-haired, tiny to medium-sized cat that is considered an uncommon breed. Although the Egyptian Mau has a Siamese appearance, it is more muscular, with well-defined musculature and an athletic aspect.
  • Their heads are shaped like a wedge with slightly rounded edges and no flat sides. Males weigh 2.5-3.0 kg, while females weigh 2.5-3.5 kg.

Silver Egyptian Mau


Mau is the ancient Egyptian word for the sacred domestic cat, and it originated in the Cairo area of Egypt.

  • They were first sighted in Europe in the 1950s at a Rome-based cat show, and are a naturally formed breed rather than one breed for specific features.
  • They were introduced to America from Europe in the late 1950s, and around 15 years later, they were recognized as a species.

History of Breeding

When Russian princess Natalie Troubetskoy was living in Rome, she was given a silver female cat, which became the breed we know today. The kitten was either given to her by a young kid who had been keeping it in a shoebox or she obtained one from the Egyptian ambassador to Italy, depending on the account. The kitten was given the name Baba by Troubetskoy. Baba and two of her children joined her in 1956 when she migrated to the United States. Troubetskoy wanted to make sure the Mau breed remained, so she developed a breed standard and started breeding the cats under the name Fatima. The Cat Fanciers Federation recognized the breed in 1968, followed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1977.

Physical appearance

Now let’s know about the physical appearance of Egyptian Mau cat in some detail.


The Mau has a naturally speckled coat with the uncommon feature of the spots only appearing on the tops of the hairs, rather than covering the entire length of the hairs from base to tip. Ticking is the term for this.


  • Medium in length and grace, with well-developed muscular strength.
  • Skin flap that extends from the flank to the knee of the rear leg.
  • Overall balance is more desirable than size alone.
  • Allowance should be made for adult males’ muscular necks and shoulders.
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  • A medium-length, somewhat rounded wedge with no flat surfaces. It’s not a full-cheeked person.
  • A profile with a soft shape and a little rise from the bridge of the nose to the brow.
  • When seen from the front, the whole length of the nose is visible, as is its breadth.


  • Medium to big, alert, and fairly pointed, with the planes of the skull continuing.
  • At the base, it is broad. Slightly flared with plenty of space between the ears.
  • Hair on the ears is short and close to the ears.
  • The inside of the ear is a delicate, almost translucent shell pink. Tufting is an option.


  • Large and attentive, almond-shaped eyes with a little tilt toward the ears. Apertures in the skull are neither round nor oriental.
  • Gooseberry green is the color of the eyes.
  • Allowance is given for changing eye color, with some visible green eye color by eight months of age and complete green eye color by one and a half years.
  • Greener eyes are preferred at all ages.

Legs and paws

  • Legs and feet that are proportionate to the body.
  • When standing erect, the hind legs are proportionally longer, giving the illusion of being on tiptoe.
  • Small and delicate feet, somewhat oval and almost spherical in form. Five toes in front and four in behind


  • Medium long, thick at base, with slight taper.


  • The hair is medium in length and has a glossy sheen to it.
  • The hair with the smoky hue is smooth and fine in texture.
  • The hair in silver and bronze is thick and robust in texture, with two or more bands of ticking separated by lighter bands.

Bronze Egyptian Mau

Table representing some features of Egyptian Mau cat

Height 7-11 inches
Weight 8-12 pounds
Life span 9-13 years
Temperament Social able, affectionate
Intelligence High
Activity level Very active
Coat length Short
Patterns Tabby
Colors Silver, bronze, smoky
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The Egyptian Mau has a playful and affectionate personality. They are extremely intelligent and enjoy learning new tricks. They’re one of the few cat breeds that likes to wear a harness. Generally, these lively and engaging felines want and receive a lot of fuss and attention.Prepare to give stimulation, as these athletic cats require exercise and play in order to maintain their kitten-like playfulness.This is a cat that is moderately to very active. He enjoys jumping and climbing, so a large cat tree, a couple of window perches, and a robust scratching post that allows him to stretch out to full height will be appreciated. The Mau also enjoys aquatic activities. Be prepared to see him dipping his paw into your koi pond or aquarium, flipping on the faucet in the bathroom or kitchen, or spilling water from your pool or his water dish.

The cat is an exalted and insightful breed. They are fiercely loyal to their loved ones, frequently forming close bonds with a single individual while being caring and loving to everyone in their family unit. They can be shy around strangers at first, but they normally warm up fast. Mau is a kind and quiet Egyptian. He adores his folks and craves their attention and affection, yet he is suspicious of outsiders. Early and ongoing socialization is critical, particularly if you intend to display or travel with your Egyptian Mau. Otherwise, sudden noises or occurrences might shock him.

When the cat is happy

You can tell when the Egyptian Mau is happy. He swishes his tail swiftly and kneads with his front paws, vocalizing (called chortling) in a soft, cheerful manner. Being with his devoted family or demonstrating his hunting ability by chasing and recovering a flung toy or stalking and pouncing on a writhing bait at the end of a fishing pole toy makes him happy.

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The Egyptian Mau loves to spend time with his family before anyone else. When he’s not playing fetch, he likes to sit in a lap and be worshipped, exactly like his forefathers.The Mau holds the title of being the fastest domestic house cat, capable of speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

Fun facts

Egyptian Maus get along well with other cats and are self-sufficient enough to survive if you must leave the house for an extended period of time. They enjoy playing with toys and learning new things.

  • While it is often assumed that the Mau’s name comes from the Middle Eastern word “mjw” (cat), there is also a more imaginative breeder notion that the breed was named after the sound “Mau” makes when the dog barks.
  • The gestation period of pregnant Egyptian maus is the longest of all domestic cats, averaging around 73 days.
  • Egyptian maus have been recorded jumping as high as 6 feet straight up thanks to their muscular hind legs.

Living needs

Providing opportunities for your Egyptian Mau to tyre herself out is the most critical thing you can do to make her happy. These are athletic, energetic cats who will self-regulate their nutrition to avoid becoming overweight if provided opportunities to exercise. For these very nimble, blindingly swift cats, playtime, objects to climb, or cat wheels to run in are all excellent possibilities.Owners should be informed that Egyptian Mau’s are more temperature sensitive than many other breeds and do not thrive in colder climates.

Some basic prescriptions for the Breed

This information is better recognized and agreed currently than it was a few decades ago, yet far too many pet owners continue to ignore the hazards of excess weight on their animals. Weight gain is a major issue for spreading outjoint pain, diabetes mellitus, and further fatal diseases.Everyone knows that losing a small number of weight can enhance mobility and rise general enthusiasm to remain energetic. Many people have personal experience with this. The exact is true for your cat.Consequently, in what way we will be able to keep our pets in shape? It’s crucial to understand your cat’s eating habits.

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The ordinary kitten likes better to eat like a bird occasionally, roughly 10-15 times each day. Most cats respond well to this technique of free feeding, however, restlessness might cause pet kitten to visit its feeding container more frequently.You can help your cat to remain in good physical shape and amusing herself simultaneously by keeping him or her active and involved in play. You and your cat will both be pleased by a rope committed to a twig with some wavy or furry at second side of thread and a slight fascination. Food puzzles, such as kibbles in a pouch or below an inverted container or crate, can help cats become more motivated.

Periodontitis infection

Periodontitis infection is considered as long lasting issue in pets that aren’t brushed on a regular basis. Unluckily, much of the felines, including your Mau, must not properly maintain their own teeth.Food residue solidifies and forms plaque, which figures out at exposed surfaces of the fangs and ultimately guides to contagion of the gingiva & origins of fang, causing dental disease. Keeping your cat’s teeth healthy initially, by cleaning food residue on a regular basis will help avoid or suspension of requirement for the extensive dental treatment. Because the therapy could be distressing to the kitten and costly for you, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Role of vaccines in preventing diseases

Egyptian Maus, similar to other felines, remain vulnerable to microbial and epidemiologic illnesses such cat distemper, disease caused by herpes virus, all of which can be prevented with immunization. Because your cat is at a high risk of developing these diseases, the related immunizations are known as “core” vaccines and are strongly suggested for entire kittens. Vaccines are also available to guard against other severe infections, such as the feline leukemia and feline sarcoma viruses.

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Maintenance of pet at domestic level

You can do a lot of things at home to retain your pet joyful and fit, just like we do for ourselves, is common sense. Keep an eye on her nutrition, make sure she gets plenty of exercise, wash her fangs and fur on a regularly and something seems outside the usual, please contact us or a veterinary rescue center.Make careful to follow the checkup and immunization regimen that we provide for the kitten. Make routine pet care a part of your daily routine to comfort Mau Cat, live a longer, healthier, and happier life. The significance of a healthy food and workout programme for them cannot be overstated.

Routine care, diet, and exercise

  • As we might care for a little kid, keep an eye on the pet. Close doors, tidy up after yourself, and section off housings as needed. This will keep her out of trouble, away from dangerous planes for hopping, and make her out of the way from items she shouldn’t eat.
  • The cat possesses a short, low-maintenance fur. Her teeth should be made to brush as per required and at least once a week to maintain a healthy sheen.
  • Egyptian Maus have generally healthy teeth, which can be maintained by brushing them at least twice a week!
  • Examine her auricles once in a week for removing dust particles, remains and hygienic as needed.
  • Her short coat makes her temperature sensitive. She must be kept indoors at all times.
  • Cats are scrupulously tidy and insist on having a spotless litter container. Make sure to deliver minimum, one litter container for every kitten and to scoop waste on a daily basis.
  • It is critical that the pet drinks plenty of water. However when the cat refuses to drink from her vessel, try adding dry ice or a running fountain.
  • Feed her a superior kitten food that is age-appropriate.

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