Why Do My Cats Love This Cat Tree So Much?

I like to watch cats play or sleep in their cat trees. This is a pastime they have become used to since I bought a cat and dragged it to my little apartment.

Currently, it is located in front of the balcony window, allowing cats to enjoy the view of the houses outside and the sidewalks and streets below. They like to sit for hours to the area outside the window.

But most of the time they just fall asleep. They like to play more. Whose cat doesn’t like to play p?

They have many options for sleeping in our cat tree. Our youngest person already has the highest habitat, which is about 6 feet above the ground. She sits there, sleeps in the living room or looks at us from above. What we want to say is that she sometimes looks like an owl, except for the big ears.

Our cats also like to scratch with this scratching post, but unfortunately, they still scratch our furniture. I think this is because we have a tree with a carpet on the handles instead of a sisal rope. It seems cats prefer rope-wrapped grab posts, and the fact that we don’t have them doesn’t give them anything more pleasant than our furniture. I could also scrape it again to test different options and see if I can find a better way.

They also like to play on the scratching post, the youngest is the most ambitious. She climbed the vertical surface of the entire structure, about six feet high. She appears to be one of the creatures in the old video game Rampage.

These are the reasons cats love trees, so it’s easy to see that it takes care of them in many different ways. I think the general reason they like it so much is that it’s almost just a piece of furniture to them. We never scare them away from the cat tree

My Cats Love Their Cat Tree, No Doubt About It

My wife and I live in a small two-bedroom apartment and we have three cats. As you can imagine, this almost ensures that the cat can always lie on the furniture or somehow play on our furniture, mainly due to the lack of enough space. It doesn’t matter, I think we’ve found a solution.

We decided to give them furniture ourselves!

What does that mean? We picked up a multi-story cat tree, which was about six feet high and had three different main platforms with a small round bed for sleeping or playing.

When we first set it up for cats, we weren’t sure they would accept it. Will they like it? Our best guess is as good as you.

Luckily our cat liked it right away! They were confused at first because we never bought furniture for them, but once they realized it was their furniture, they treated it like their own. It does help to sprinkle some catnip on three levels to encourage them to use it first. My wife heard about this technique from a friend of hers. Absolutely effective! I think by sprinkling some catnip on the cat tree, we can clearly prove to the cats that, yes, this new furniture is just right for them.

What we also noticed is that when we move the cat tree from one side of the room to the other, the cat playing on the tree is like something completely new! If we need some entertainment this is a good hybrid approach, just move the scratching post to another location in the apartment. Currently we sit in front of our large balcony window and cats like to sit on it and look out the window.

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