How to Do Cat Makeup?

In order to do cat makeup, you will need the following supplies: black makeup or paint, white makeup or paint, a thin brush, and a mirror. First, use the black makeup or paint to create whiskers on your cheeks. Next, use the white makeup or paint to create a triangle on your forehead.

Finally, use the thin brush to draw a line from the outer corner of each eye down to the corner of your mouth.

  • Begin by prepping your skin with a clean face and moisturizer
  • Next, using a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, cover any blemishes or dark circles
  • Using a white eyeliner pencil, line the inner rim of your lower lash line
  • This will make your eyes appear brighter and wider
  • Using a black eyeliner pencil, line the upper lash line, extending the liner slightly at the outer corners to create a cat eye effect
  • Smudge the liner with a cotton swab for a softer look
  • Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes
  • For an extra glam look, try applying false lashes! 6
  • To finish off the makeup look, use a nude lip gloss or lipstick

What Do You Need for Cat Makeup?

Assuming you are talking about special effects makeup for a cat character, you would need black and white greasepaint, fake fur, contact lenses, and whiskers. First you would start with a clean face. Apply the black greasepaint around the eyes in an almond shape, extending it out slightly at the sides to give a more feline look.

Then use the white greasepaint to highlight the center of the forehead, under the brows, and down along the nose. Blend these out well so there are no harsh lines. For the fur, you can either glue on small tufts or pieces of fake fur, or use a brush to apply liquid latex around the edge of your face where the fur will go.

Once it dries, press on your fake fur and trim it to fit your desired look. Next are the contact lenses. These should be specially ordered from a company that makes them; DO NOT try to make your own!

They need to be fitted properly so they don’t damage your eyesight irreparably. Once you have them in, apply any final details like whiskers with liquid latex or eyeliner. And that’s it!

You’re ready to pounce…er…I mean strut your stuff like the fabulous feline you are!

How Do You Do Cute Cat Makeup?

There are lots of ways to do cute cat makeup, but one of the most popular and easiest ways is to use black liquid liner to create a winged look, and then add some white paint or eyeliner below the lash line to create a ‘tear drop’ effect. You can also add some whiskers using a small brush and black eyeshadow, and don’t forget the nose! For the finishing touches, consider adding some sparkly glitter on the inner corners of your eyes or under your brow bone.

How Do You Make a Kitty Face With Makeup?

There are a few different ways that you can make a kitty face with makeup. One way is to start with a white base and then use black eyeliner to create the cat’s whiskers, eyebrows and nose. You can also use false lashes and some pink or red lipstick to give your kitty cat some extra personality.

Another option is to use foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone and then use white eyeliner to create the facial features. Once you have the basic face shape down, you can add in any other details that you want, like stripes or spots.

How Do You Make a Cat Face With Eyeliner?

If you want to make a cat face with eyeliner, the first thing you need to do is find a good quality black eyeliner. Once you have your liner, start by drawing a line from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner. Then, continue this line down towards the center of your upper lip.

Next, draw another line from the outer corner of your eye towards your temple. Finally, connect the two lines at the outer corner of your eye to complete the cat’s face.

Last Minute Halloween Kitty Cat Makeup Tutorial 2015


In this post, we will show you how to do cat makeup. First, start with a clean face. Then, apply foundation and concealer to even out your skin tone.

Next, use a black pencil to line your eyes and create a winged look. Finally, add some falsies and mascara for extra drama. To complete the look, fill in your brows and contour your cheekbones.

Finish off with a nude or pink lip color.

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