What does it mean if your cat licks you? Why It Matters

For cats, licking is often a signal of love or a technique of cleaning, considering that cat licks you or themselve(or kittens) so as to groom. However, cats may also lick every different to reveal numerous varieties of affection. A lick from a cat should suggest that they’re marking their territory or reminding you that you`re part of a family. Even though you cannot study a cat’s mind, you could make sure that your cat is licking you due to the fact they prefer you.

Why Does My Cat Licks you?

Your Cat Is Grooming You

“It seems to be relative of an unfastened grooming kind of behaviour,” says Amelia Wieber, CPDT-KA, CCBC, and a member of the Daily Paws Advisory Board.

Wieber explains that your cat licking you is particularly not unusual to place whilst you`re petting her. It’s an “affiliated response”; you are grooming them together along with your petting, and they are returning the want via way of means of cleansing off your hand.

You Taste Good

Not to be weird, however now and again your pores and skin taste true to cats, Wieber says. It is probably the lotion you are using, or perhaps your sweat is a bit salty. Cats will lick what they like, and now and again it’s you, Tasty Tom.

Signs of Affection

In the identical manner in which you display affection on your cat with the aid of using petting it, your cat can also additionally try to go back the favour with the aid of using licking you. Kittens mainly will use licking as a manner to ease tension the manner a human would possibly use hugs. If your tomcat buddy likes to lick you, it likely manner it would really like a few affection in going back. Which, honestly, is one of the great components of proudly owning a cat.

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Marking Territory

Cats use pheromones to mark their territory. While maximum humans recognize that cats mark belongings through urinating on things, they could mark their territory in different approaches as well. Licking and head rubs are approaches for cats to say you as a part of their belongings—affectionately. When your cat licks or rubs in opposition to you, it’s miles reaffirming that you are critical to it and that they need all of the different cats to recognize. You might also additionally observe that every so often different cat pull away from you, it`s viable they scent which you belong to some other cat.

Part of the Family

Many humans shaggy dog story that cats suppose they are human beings and given the manner a few cats behave closer to their proprietors, it is smooth to look why. A brilliant instance is a cat with the intention to go away lifeless mice or birds on its proprietor’s doorsteps in an try and proportion a delectable treat. Cats have additionally been recognized to offer their proprietors stay animals in an try and educate its proprietor to hunt. It’s clean that now no longer most effective do many cats see their proprietors as a part of the family, in addition, they see them as a piece inept at being cats. Female cats mainly will show off this type of parenting or nurturing kind of behaviour.

When  your cat licks you can hurt you and how to stop it

Your cat’s normal behaviour at this time may be unpleasant.

If your cat licks compulsively and frequently, it could be a sign of a nervousness or anxiety disorder, Wieber says. In addition to licking yourself and you, cats lick windows, plastic and other objects around the house. This could indicate that something is wrong. Call your cat’s veterinarian to better understand the situation and make an appointment.

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Why It Matters If Your Cat Licks You

If a hairy cat likes to lick your head, licking your cat can also be harmful, Wieber says. Any product you use to style your hair won’t be good for your cat, and the hair itself can be long and end up forming a hairball obstruction in the cat’s digestive system. If you suspect that’s happened, head to the vet right away.


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