What is a hairless cat called?

Despite its Canadian origins, the name of the Sphynx Cat derives from the sphinx of Giza. Like her, this cat has a muscular body, strong character and the total absence of a coat. Let’s find out “What is a hairless cat called?”

What is a hairless cat called?

Cats without hair are called Sphynx. The Sphynx cat is also known as a “naked cat” or “sphinx cat” even if the correct name is: Canadian Sphynx. It is a cat of Canadian origin born around the seventies. It has the particularity of having no hair or a small presence of hair. They are the result of mutations in litters of normal domestic cats.

The Sphynx cat (or naked cat) is distinguished by the absence of hair on its body. However, the peculiarities of this feline go far beyond that. It is an animal which, in contrast to its serious expression. And its wrinkled appearance is very cheerful and in constant motion.

It is the ideal cat for those with cat fur allergies. Some organizations do not recognize the Sphinx as a breed. Believing that the lack of hair can be detrimental to the well-being of cats.

Not everyone likes the Sphinx precisely because of its anomalous appearance. Today the Sphynx breed has a growing number of admirers, and it is now present at many feline shows.

Character and personality

Sphynx are intelligent, cheerful, affectionate cats that establish a strong bond with the family they belong to.
They also enjoy the company of other cats and dogs. Good and peaceful, they suffer from loneliness and love the company of children. This cat also has a peaceful temperament. So it coexists perfectly with other animals and small children.

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