What happens when a cat dies naturally?

What happens when a cat dies naturally? Losing a beloved cat is a particularly difficult time for cat lovers. Often the relationship established with the cat is so intimate that it is difficult to explain to strangers. When its purring and meowing stop forever, the grief is great. However, one must be prepared to make practical decisions when the cat dies.

What happens when a cat dies naturally?

The question of what will happen to the body of the beloved cat puts pet owners ahead of difficult decisions. If the cat is euthanized at the vet’s office and a different wish is not expressed, the body is left to the local authority for the disposal of animal carcasses. This is the practice if you have no other option but to bury the cat.

Ask your veterinarian for advice: The expert can assess the state of health and the appropriate time for the last visit to the veterinarian.

Where can I have my cat buried?

  • Garden Burial: If you own land, you can bury the cat yourself. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. This way, the property does not have to be in a protected natural or marine area. The tomb should be at least half a meter deep and one meter away from the nearest public footpath. The animal should be wrapped in a biodegradable material, such as a cardboard box, not in film or plastic.
  • Cremation: If you do not want to proceed with a private funeral, you can go to a crematorium for animals and receive the ashes of the cat in an urn. In each region, there are cremation centers for animals. The cost of cremation usually depends on the weight of the animal.
  • Animal cemeteries: There are also special cemeteries for animals, where you can rent a grave for your cat.
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