What does it mean when your cat rubs against you?

Anyone living with a cat will surely have noticed that very often he rubs himself against us even vigorously, for example on the legs. This is certainly not a way to counteract the itchiness or to cleanse because it feels dirty. But then why does he do it? Let’s find out in detail “What does it mean when your cat rubs against you?”

What does it mean when your cat rubs against you?

When the cat rubs against our legs it is telling us that it loves us! In this way, he expresses his affection and impresses his smell produced by the sebaceous glands to declare us “his property”.

The feline behavior of “rubbing” takes the scientific name, in ethology, of ” rubbing “. This specific behavior is carried out both on natural objects and artificial things such as tree trunks or the legs of a table or door jambs, and on other individuals such as other cats or other animals or people, in particular their owner.

Rubbing is inserted along with numerous other behaviors that help strengthen inter and intraspecific relationships in so-called affiliative or friendly behaviors. In addition to the gesture that can be compared to our snuggling into the arms of one of our relatives or friends, resting our head on his abdomen, as a sign of affection and protection.

Rubbing is to be considered as a facial marking and is technically carried out by rubbing one side of the cat’s head which starts from the corner of the oral cavity to the tip of the ear.

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