What does it mean when a cat pants?

Have you noticed that your feline breathes strangely when sleeping? That the cat has different wheezing than usual? What should be done in these cases? It is important to note that a wheezing cat is always a cause for concern. In this article, we will discuss “What does it mean when a cat pants?”

What does it mean when a cat pants?

As we will see, even if the panting cat can depend on its mood, it is very often linked to serious pathology. The cat breathes fast when it cannot breathe normally, which is life-threatening. In these cases, it is good to contact a veterinarian.

Another situation of risk of death is due to intoxication. Symptoms include rapid breathing, hyperventilation, shortness of breath, retching, and neurological symptoms. A typical example is an intoxication that a cat suffers when he is given a flea pipette for dogs, with substances that are toxic to him.

If your cat exhibits the symptoms described, you should immediately contact a veterinarian, possibly with the product that caused the seizure. Treatment consists of administering fluid therapy and appropriate treatment for the cat’s symptoms. The prediction is reserved in these cases since it depends on the type of toxic substance ingested.

The cat is breathing fast and panting

In addition to the physical causes, stress can also cause the cat to accelerate its breathing or pant. In these cases it can be noticed on alert, with dilated pupils, salivating, swallowing often and running the tongue over the lips.

First, we will have to leave it alone. He may calm down once the stressful situation is over. For example, such a situation could happen when the cat meets another stranger or during a visit to the vet.

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If the urge persists and the cat has no way out, it may attack. We must always look for the cause in order to avoid it. On the other hand, the cat has to get used to this situation, we will have to face an adaptation step by step. Your veterinarian or ethologist will be able to suggest appropriate strategies for the cat to adapt to this new situation.

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