What does cat dander look like?

Dandruff is a problem that not only affects humans, cats can also suffer from it. It is usually seen as small white dots on the fur that are nothing more than dead skin. They indicate a problem of dryness in the scalp and can cause itching. Dandruff is due to different causes, so it is important to determine its origin in order to apply the appropriate treatment. In this article, we explain “What does cat dander look like?”

What does cat dander look like?

Dandruff is dead skin that sheds and falls off or sticks to the coat. They are skin cells that renew themselves naturally and physiologically. If you are wondering why my cat gets dandruff when I brush it, you should know that it is normal to see small white dots of dandruff on your cat’s fur as part of this renewal.

But sometimes certain diseases or problems can cause excessive flaking. A small amount of dandruff may seem unimportant to us. But the dryness of the skin it indicates could end up causing clinical signs such as reddened skin and excessive scratching, to the point that affected cats even injure themselves trying to relieve itching.

That is why it is convenient to find the cause that is causing dandruff and eliminate it as soon as possible to avoid complications.

How to treat dandruff in cats?

If you wonder why my cat has dandruff, to determine the cause you have to go to the vet. This professional will examine you and rule out possible diseases or the presence of mites and other infestations. Take the opportunity to consult him about your cat’s diet to find out if it is adequate.

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You need to improve it or incorporate supplements such as omega 3. A mild dandruff problem can be easily treated with specific shampoos and lotions. Always use dandruff shampoo for cats and never dandruff shampoos for dogs or humans, as they can dry out the skin even more.

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