What does a cat cough sound like?

Do you want to know “What does a cat cough sound like?” In this article, you will find out. Yes, even the cat has a cough: not as often as the dog, not always for causes that you really need to worry about. Sometimes as a simple defense mechanism, to expel some foreign body, and sometimes not to be confused with vomiting.

But also cats cough and for felines too it is important to understand the symptoms and identify the causes before thinking about remedies.

What does a cat cough sound like?

A cat cough sounds like “honk” or “wheeze”. Most of the time, when the cat is cold, its cough sounds like hisses and honks. Understanding why your cat is coughing is the first step in thinking about a remedy.

Cough, even in cats, is nothing more than a more or less involuntary reflex to something irritating that is in the bronchi and to understand the cause we can start by observing what kind of cough it is.

An infection, an irritation from external causes such as dust, or irritants such as chemicals or cigarette smoke, or some diseases manifest themselves in different ways of coughing.

The cat has coughing and sneezing

Not to be confused with coughing and trying to vomit. If in fact the cough and sneezing in the cat are also accompanied by red and watery eyes it could most likely be a virus that causes some feline respiratory disease. Hypothesis in which it is necessary to go promptly to the veterinarian.

A deep and persistent cough in cats

If the cat’s cough is instead deep, persistent and continuous, and perhaps is accompanied by the extension of the neck and the presence of mucus, one could think of feline bronchitis, which has now become chronic.

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And if the spasms arise after some type of physical activity, for example, a run on the lawn or a few minutes of intense play. It could always be in the presence of bronchitis but in its acute phase. In both cases, you must contact your veterinarian immediately.

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