What is the smallest cat breed? 6 Smallest Cat Breeds

What is the smallest cat breed? We all love to have cute kittens, and many of us want them to be tiny forever. Luckily, there are still small cat breeds that are fully grown. Check out our list of the 7 smallest cat breeds that can still offer more than life.

No one can deny the adorable kitten’s big eyes and playful personality. They will melt the hearts of everyone they come in contact with and will always put a smile on our faces. Unfortunately, the period of kittens never lasts long, and while our adult cats are wonderful and sweet, we often miss the good old days of our kittens. If you want your
teacup cat to always be small and playful, there are small cat breeds that will retain their feline looks and behaviour into adulthood, allowing you to appreciate your precious play moments longer.

Smallest cat breed

It is very difficult to identify a cat of a particular small breed, as even larger breeds sometimes have odd little kittens. However, there are also cats that are naturally short. There are always six petite tea cats.

1. Singapura 

Singapura cats hold the crown of the smallest cat breeds and in most cases weigh no more than 2 kg. They have a small, muscular skeleton and are very mobile, so they play constantly.

2. Munchkin

Munchkin cats have shorter-than-usual legs due to a genetic mutation. Their body is medium in size, but the shoulder height is very low, making them one of the smallest breeds. Munchkins are incredibly agile, and although they don’t jump well, they’re incredibly fast on the ground.

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Fun Fact: The shortest Munchkin was only 5.25 inches from foot to shoulder!

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats are a small breed that is best known for their unusual coat. They possess only the `down` hair which makes up the undercoat of a normal cat so they are incredibly soft and have hypoallergenic properties.

Fun fact: You`ll have to be sure to keep the snacks locked up with this small cat breed as they have long, agile toes which are excellent at opening cabinets and doors.

Devon Rex

Like the Cornish Rex; the Devon Rex`s coat is made up of just the `down` hair so they are also very soft to the touch. Another trait that the two breeds share is their small frame which is why they both made it onto our smallest cats list.

Fun Fact: Devon Rex often has short whiskers, which is a good way to distinguish them from Cornwall Rex.

American Curl

American Curl cats are smaller than average but are most recognisable by their ears which curl back towards the skull (unlike the Scottish Fold whose ears fold forwards). Although they tend to weigh less than 5 kg, individuals can vary significantly due to their diverse gene pool.

Fun fact: American Curls are not actually born with their unique ear shape. At birth, their ears are straight and begin to curl back within 2 to 10 days.


Siamese cats have quite a long body but have made it onto the list because they are such a lightweight breed. These cats usually weigh less than 5kg but possess a lithe and athletic frame.

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Fun fact: The Siamese cat is one of the oldest breeds in the entire world and are believed to have descended from the sacred temple cats in Thailand.


The Balinese share a lot of traits with the Siamese which is unsurprising when you learn that a Balinese is essentially a purebred longhaired Siamese. For this reason, you won`t be shocked to hear that the Balinese rarely weighs more than 5kg and shares the same build as the Siamese (if you can see under all that fur).

Bonus The Dwelf

Although not yet a recognised breed the Dwelf definitely deserves a mention. This cat looks utterly amazing and combines the unique traits of three different breeds to give a cat that looks almost alien. The short legs of the Munchkin, the curled ears of the American Curl and the hairless body of the Sphynx cat gives you a small Dwarf/Elf Dwelf cat.


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