What does it mean when a cat bites you? 5 best ways to know

What does it mean when a cat bites you? If you’ve ever spent time with a cat, you know how quickly an affectionate hug can turn into a sharp bite. For a moment, Sir Pound purrs happily, then burrows at you with his little razor-sharp teeth. This can be very painful for cat owners. Although it doesn’t always hurt physically, the bite of a sudden betrayal can be very painful.

But why does a real cat bite? In this post, you will learn about the different reasons cats may bite, what they mean, and how to deal with them.

Why the cat bites you?

Let’s set up the context first. What happens when a cat bites you? This will tell you a lot about why your cat may bite you and what the bite is telling you.

Bitten by a kitten

Kittens love to play and often practice hunting in public. As they played, they often used their sharp teeth to bite. Don’t be afraid. You have not adopted a bloodthirsty killing machine. It is only an important part of the teething process.


Cats are natural hunters, and they always need a way to track and hunt their prey. If you don’t give your cat the proper stimulation, it will start using you like a comfortable, chewy toy. They don’t mean anything bad, so don’t take them personally. They just want to pour in their energy and have a good time.

Stroking and biting

A cat that suddenly bites a person’s hand while petting it is a very common scenario. You like attention and stroking the loud, growling Sir Pound, and suddenly a stabbing pain pierces your hand as its strong jaw burrows its sharp teeth deep into your flesh.

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Love bite

A love bite is a light bite or one that doesn’t usually hurt too much. It is believed to have been learned from mother cats who often gnaw or bite while grooming their kittens. This isn’t an aggressive or intimidating behaviour at all, it’s a playful nibble.

Aggressive Bite

If your cat is fighting, angry, frightened, or threatened, it will usually alert you by squatting, spitting, hissing, and arching your back. In this state, the cat tells you to step away. If you get too close, you will most likely be bitten.

What does it mean when a cat bites you?

So we’ve covered several situations where cat bites are common. But when will you know if you need to worry? What is considered a bad bite?

A bite is usually a sign that your cat hasn’t paid attention to what you’re saying. But sometimes a cat bite can be a sign of more than that.

You need to know what is normal for your cat so that you can act early when things change. A cat that starts biting suddenly, which has never been done before, is likely to be painful. In the wild, cats are not very good at expressing weakness or pain, which they usually hide behind their aggression. If you think your cat is sick, call your veterinarian immediately.

When to see a veterinarian if a cat bites you

Cat bites can be harmless signs ranging from boredom to playfulness, but this behaviour may also indicate more serious problems with your cat’s health. Some cats may bite more often when they are sick, which is more likely if it is not common to cats. PrettyLitter can help detect changes in pH in a cat’s urinary tract, which can be an additional tool to help veterinarians know about cat problems.

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Manage Reaction

It is important not to punish your cat for being bitten. Be calm and do not add emotion to the situation. Shouting or stomping can scare the cat and not only make matters worse, but it can also undermine trust in the cat. Do not physically discipline your cat.

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