What to feed an old cat to gain weight?

What to feed an old cat to gain weight? Something is needed to stimulate him to eat and put on weight, but often it’s not simply more tasty or appetizing foods. It is important to get to the bottom of the matter and not just think that it is just a choice of kibble.

Furthermore, it is essential to exclude the presence of latent pathologies that prevent the cat from eating or assimilating any food that is administered. Therefore a visit to the vet is always recommended to rule out the presence of underlying diseases, before thinking that it is simply a lack of stimuli. If the cat is healthy but underweight then here are all the tricks to entice him to eat.

What to feed an old cat to gain weight?

Carefully evaluate the possible causes that prevent the cat from assimilating food and gaining weight, let’s see what we can do to stimulate the appetite in our cat.

More frequent meals: the cat usually does not like to have a single large meal a day, but prefers to have small snacks throughout the day. So it is useless to fill the bowl in the hope that it will all end in a few bites: better to give him a little food more frequently. This will also help the cat’s digestion. So as to stimulate its hunger as well, which will come back at each appointment and encourage it to eat.

More caloric meals: if the meal is more energetic and caloric, we could also consider reducing the quantity, since it is important for the cat to assimilate what is necessary for its daily needs. The water that makes the food moist increases the caloric intake of the food, so the cat will consume four times the amount of calories if the meal is made up of about 75% water.

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What are the highest protein foods for a cat?

In our shopping must never be missing: cooked ham, turkey breast and chicken. These meals will help to fortify his muscle mass and entice him to eat thanks to their delicious flavor. Raw fish, including canned tuna, and parmesan will also be very suitable foods because they are very high in calories.

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