What to do if cat is choking?

Animals to run the risk of ingesting an object that obstructs their breathing: here’s What to do if cat is choking? Choking is a rather rare risk in the cat, as the feline is an extremely cautious animal when it comes to nutrition and in general towards what it does not know; but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

What to do if cat is choking?

Imagine for a moment that your cat is choking – most people’s first reaction would be fear and anxiety. Certainly, it would not be the best state to intervene promptly and adequately.

It is necessary to maintain calm and a state of lucidity: first of all to understand if we are dealing with a real case of cat suffocation and if it needs treatment. Especially those who are beginners and have no experience could be misled.

It is absolutely normal for the cat to vomit the hairballs that it cannot expel through the intestine. But to a less experienced eye, it could seem the unequivocal signal of suffocation in the cat.

The risk is more likely to occur during meals, when the cat may happen to ingest a larger portion of food. Another time it can occur is during the game.

The cat may grab an object and swallow it by mistake. These are quite rare eventualities but they can still occur.

How to save the choking cat

If the cat suffocates you will need to intervene promptly to save it. As we have said, the first thing is to keep calm and lucid to act in the best way. But it will also be necessary to reassure the cat.

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The reason is very simple: the animal could be the main obstacle to your intervention operations. Feeling out of the air. The cat will be afraid and may show aggression, biting and scratching.

If you don’t know how to calm your cat or you can’t, it will be wise to get help from another person. If the suffocation is due to an external cause (a thread rolled around the neck for example) it will be sufficient to remove the external body that obstructs breathing.

The operation will be more difficult instead where the object that obstructs the cat’s breathing is inside its body. Open the animal’s mouth: if you see the stuck object, try to remove it, being careful not to let it slip deeply.

Use a pair of tweezers, the cat may have a reflex to bite you, hurting you and risking aggravating his situation.

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