What to do after cat gives birth?

If the cat lies down on her side, meows insistently, and purrs, the belly is tense and the contractions are more and more frequent: it’s time to give birth! Do you want to know “What to do after cat gives birth?” Read this article carefully from beginning to end.

What to do after cat gives birth?

It happens quite often that it is the cat herself that requests the company of her owner during the birth. It is good to be present but not to interfere because the cat is completely autonomous and does not need human intervention unless complications arise.

The owner of the giving birth cat does not have to do anything but just stay close to her. The cat is generally calmer and appreciates encouragement.

When the cat has finished giving birth to all her kittens, it is necessary to leave the mother and the kittens in peace without intervening in any way.

Only when the mother is asleep can you change the clothes of the kennel and still leave the entire litter quiet. The kennel should be placed in dim light and closed with some light food, the bowl with water, and the toilet box. Kittens will start suckling milk approximately one to two hours after birth. At the end of the birth, the cat will need a lot of rest.

At the same time, being present means being able to intervene in case of need. If the thrusts between one puppy and another become non-existent or weak then it is good to call the vet.

What does mother cat do at the end of childbirth?

The cat begins to lick the kitten vigorously to stimulate breathing and activate circulation.
Since each kitten is wrapped in her placenta, before the cat cleanses the kitten, it is good to be careful in counting all the placental sacs.

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If any puppy does not have the placenta around it, it means that it has remained inside the cat and could then be the cause of infections.

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