What should a healing cat spay incision look like?

Sterilization in cats is certainly the most frequent intervention in veterinary practice. In this article, we evaluate What should a healing cat spay incision look like? Why it is important to intervene and what the secondary negative effects may be.

How many days does it take for my spayed cat to absorb the stitches? And for how many days do I have to be careful that he doesn’t lick himself?

What should a healing cat spay incision look like?

Around 3-7 days should take a healing cat spay incision to look like. The healing of a simple skin “wound”, such as that obtained by incision with the scalpel of the skin during sterilization, occurs in a short time (3-4 days).

The wound must be checked daily and must always be clean, i.e. not show any scabs. If your kitten has been discharged with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving therapy at home. It is difficult for her to compulsively lick her wound.

After the intervention, what should we know?

Evolution and innovation in surgery have turned sterilization into a quick recovery surgical intervention for our pets. Full recovery usually takes 7-10 days. We must think that the operation tends to be in the morning and therefore in the afternoon we will already have our cat back home with us.

Each pet and the casuistry of its intervention will be different and unique. So the guidelines to follow that the surgeon will give you will be the most appropriate and optimal for your cat.

Why is it good to spay the male cat?

If in the dog, male or female, there were valid reasons that could make us lean towards yes or no depending on the subject, physical and mental development, in the cat we know that it is always right and appropriate to choose sterilization.

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It is first and foremost fundamental for

  • check the number of births,
  • fight abandonment
  • With urbanization, with the abundance of shelters and garbage, the number of cats in the city must absolutely be controlled.


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