What kind of cat are you?

The choice of the cat is very subjective even if in general the choice of the cat to adopt is based on three main characteristics: the color and sex of the cat to take home. However, it is essential in choosing a cat to take into consideration above all his character, his behavior and his needs. Let’s know “What kind of cat are you?”

What kind of cat are you?

The close bond that is created with the owner can lead to conflicts between cohabitants for this reason it is important to choose the right cat to adopt.

Choose a cat based on color

The main feature of choosing a cat is according to the color of the hair, black, white, brindle, red, just to name some of the many types of coat. Generally, a kitten from a multicolored litter is chosen based on memories of the past, a cat that has known and loved becomes the image of our ideal cat.

Some breeders of purebred cats believe that diluted-colored varieties would be linked to a more affectionate and quiet character, although this has never been demonstrated.

Choose a skinny cat or a fat big cat?

The second variant that is most taken into consideration when choosing a cat to take home is the shape and structure of its body. You can choose a fat cat that inspires cuddles or prefer a slimmer and more slender cat, perhaps more agile.

The size of the cat to be adopted can have a certain importance in living together at home. For example, an elderly person will have a harder time lifting a large male cat and may therefore prefer a smaller cat.

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Is a male or female cat better?

Sex is the third criterion for choosing a cat. The cat is generally more predisposed to domestic life than the male, perhaps not neutered. Both must be sterilized whether they live at home or in the wild, so this aspect has little impact on the choice.

Choose a cat for its character

Perhaps the most important aspect in choosing a cat is its character, even if it can vary over time. Generally, a cat is chosen to be adopted on the sympathy, tenderness, sweetness that inspires from the first moment. There are no precise rules, everyone falls in love with a cat from first sight.

Safe cat or hunter cat?

You have to understand if you are looking for a “safe” cat, who always purrs, who stays in his arms, who sleeps all day, compared to a more active and dynamic cat, a more lively and playful companion.

Some cats are quiet and reserved, suitable for those looking for more evident expressions of affection.
The degree of activity of a cat can be determined as early as when the cat is a puppy and how long it has been in its quiet arms.

Also in this case, if you want an active and lively cat you must consider how much space you have available for him, how much time you have to devote to the game and his favorite activities, otherwise, the risk is to have a frustrated cat at home. maybe aggressive.

Sociable or shy cat?

Sociability distinguishes cats into confident and shy or fearful of people, and this can be another important aspect of cat selection. A shy cat can be frightened by people, by noises and therefore tend to avoid contact with humans.
In this case, if there are children in the house, it is better to avoid adopting a fearful cat.

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The insecure cat is very dependent on its human owner, seeking comfort in him and following him everywhere.
Stability, on the other hand, measures the cat’s tendency to react calmly and calmly with other cats and not to be disturbed by external events.

Which purebred cat to choose

A purebred cat has some more typical and more predictable traits in character. The Persian cat, for example, is very demanding for the request for care such as the grooming of the hair. But it is a calm, unobtrusive cat, which tolerates a few hours of solitude well.

Oriental cats do not require great daily care but require special attention and needs, such as many moments of play and physical contact. The Ragdoll cat is ideal if there are children in the house because it is very docile as is the Maine Coon. The Chartreux cat is a cat that adapts very well to apartment life, while the

Siamese immediately becomes attached to the owner, which is why it can be ideal for a person who lives alone.
The Burmese cat generally does not like to spend too much time alone in the house, so it is best to entrust him with a playmate.

The Siberian cat is the ideal cat if you are allergic to cats. It is in fact considered the hypoallergenic cat.
Even the Norwegian Forest Cat causes few allergies so it can be a valid alternative to the Siberian as well as the Naked Cat or Sphynx.

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