What is the most popular cat?

There are no cats for beginners and cats for experts. However, some cats require more attention and are more stubborn than others. Do you want to know “What is the most popular cat?” In this article, you will find out What does it mean? All you have to do is read this article carefully from beginning to end.

What is the most popular cat?

Persian is the most popular cat. The Persian cat is easily recognizable for its broad, flat face and thick, abundant coat. These cats were introduced from ancient Persia (current Iran) around 1620 even if the exact origins are unknown.

Long-haired cats such as the Persian also require a lot of care, as they need to be brushed every day – an activity that is not appreciated by all cats. With a little patience and practice, however, even the less experienced will succeed in the enterprise.

The British Shorthair tends to have a quiet temper and does not need to be entertained with as many activities as the Devon Rex. Although the Maine Coon is relatively active, they likewise enjoy sleeping and taking care of their own personal hygiene. It is also important to take special time to care for your cat.

Most oriental cat breeds, such as the Siamese. The foreign white or the Cornish Rex, do not need daily coat care, as they do not have a particularly thick undercoat. In addition, this type of cat, as well as cats with very thick fur like Russian blue, generally does not shed an excessive amount of hair.

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Cat care also includes regular claw trimming (especially with apartment cats) and eye and ear cleaning, especially with breeds such as the Persian, whose tear flow is quite abundant.

Male or female?

The choice of the sex of the animal is purely a matter of personal preference. During the growth phase, male cats tend to be playful and resourceful. However, they generally become more relaxed and affectionate after castration.

Female cats, on the other hand, are more independent and, consequently, calmer from the start. Some cats have a very strong character and tend to defend their territory. However, this does not depend so much on the sex of the animal as on the breed, education and development

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