What is the most popular cat in the world?

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What is the most popular cat in the world?

1st The Bengal: Bengal is the most popular cat in the world. It is also known as the “leopard cat”. The Bengal is a cat native to the United States belonging to the largest breeds in the world. Its leopard-print coat isn’t the only thing that makes it look like this gorgeous wild feline.

In fact, the weight of this cat is around 6 kg, but in the case of the largest specimens, it can reach 9 kg. Do not worry: although the large size may inspire some fear. The Bengal is a cat with a tender and cuddly character.

2nd most popular cat: Maine Coon

It is a breed of cats defined as the largest in the world that have origins in the state of Maine in the USA, a place where these felines are widespread and known as the Giants of America. Its weight can reach 11 kilograms, which is remarkable for a cat that looks even more imposing thanks to its thick and soft fur.

Although huge, the Maine Coon has a docile disposition and lives well in the home with the family even in the presence of children. It needs ample space to move around and can appear aggressive at a young age. But only for the reason that puppies are unable to assess the level of their strength by dosing it appropriately.

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3rd most popular cat: Norwegian forest cat

Much like the Maine Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat is distinguished by its almond-shaped eyes and a straight nose. It is a breed that originates in Scandinavia, its coat is long, thick and soft as well as being able to protect it from the cold typical of those areas.

Despite being a wild cat that still lives in the Scandinavian forests. It adapts well to family life in a domestic environment thanks to its docile and meek character. Its weight can reach 9 kilograms in males while it stops at 6 kilos in females of the same species.

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