What is the most popular cat breed in the world?

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What is the most popular cat breed in the world?

Ragdoll is the most popular cat breed in the world. This cat has a very calm nature, its eyes are blue which is very beautiful to look at. There are also many more popular giant breeds. They are discussed below…

Norwegian Forest Cat

A riot of long and thick hair, allowed it to survive the harshest climates of Scandinavian countries. Who are we talking about? Of the Norwegian Forest Cat, which closes our ranking of the largest breeds in the world.

Female specimens can reach 6 kg, while males can weigh up to 9 kg. The height of these cats, on the other hand, is between 37 and 45 cm. Strong and muscular, the domestic cats of this breed have a noble and proud bearing. After all, how to blame them?


It is not easy to find a cat that belongs to this breed. It is a cross between the Serval, a cat of African origin, and the domestic cat. A particular breed with record sizes is in fact considered the largest in the world for the length that reaches 120 cm while the weight is 15 kilos even if it is a thin and slender feline.

It is a cat with a wild soul but easily adapts to domestic life even if it needs large outdoor spaces where it can run and jump freely. If well educated, this particular feline becomes a faithful companion for his human friend.

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Siamese cat, the most elegant feline

Originally from Thailand, they have a long, slender body with a long tail and a proportionate head with eyes that are always blue. Siamese twins have great personalities and like to feel like part of the family. They are jealous and demanding and have a hoarse meow characteristic of this breed.

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