What is the most expensive cat?

What is the most expensive cat? By most expensive cat breeds in the world, we mean their purchase value on the market for cat lovers. There is no cat that is worth more than another. But economically this difference exists and is given by the purity, the origin and the rarity of the breed to which they belong.

What is the most expensive cat?

It may seem strange but there are many people willing to spend a lot of money to have a purebred cat. In the next few paragraphs, we will describe the characteristics and origins of the main most expensive cat breeds in the world.

Bengal ($50,000)

The Bengal cat is the most expensive cat. And The Bengal cat is native to the United States, where in 1963 the geneticist Jean Mill crossed for the first time an Asian leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), a domestic cat with a small wild feline common in Southeast Asia.

It is a large, muscular and massive cat with an elongated shape, which can weigh up to 9 kg. It has only one type of coat, what can vary is the tone of the base color (yellow, orange, ivory) and that of the spots (cinnamon, black or brown).

It always has a black tail tip and a mottled abdomen. It has a triangular head, large eyes (which can be yellow, green or blue in the case of the ‘Snow Bengal’ variant) and triangular, straight ears. Characteristically, the Bengal cat is turbulent, lively and unpredictable. Its wild cat nature comes out and becomes a skilled hunter.

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Always active and eager to jump and explore, he has an extreme need to move, sharpen his nails and exercise his muscles. Despite this, it adapts to apartment living in a peaceful way. But needs a play corner with tree-like scratching posts and its own kennel. The maximum price that has come to be established for this cat was around $50,000.


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