What is a female cat called?

Most people refer to male cats as cats or cats. What is a female cat called? More and more people are wondering what the nicknames for kittens and adult cats are.

Answer: Molly. However, when a cat becomes pregnant and gives birth to a kitten, she becomes the queen.

Female kittens can also be mothers, but only if they belong to a special breed and someone has entered them in the cat registry of this breed.

Read on to find out more words and names for female kittens and cats, and where they came from as a descriptive term for cats.

Why is the female cat called Molly

No one knows exactly how the cat was called Molly. My old, dusty dictionary doesn’t have this meaning, so it’s probably a slang term for a cat, not jargon like a dam in the dictionary.

We know that the name Molly is a nickname for the names of Margaret and Mary and have been some of the most common names for girls, i.e. people, for centuries.

Molly can be neutered or have kittens of any age. Contrary to the term “cat”, molly is not a molly cat. Unless she becomes queen, she’s just a molly.

When Molly Becomes Queen

Many cat lovers consider their cat friend a princess, so the word “queen” is also used to refer to a catgirl.

Molly becomes queen when she becomes an adult and ready to breed when she becomes pregnant, and while breastfeeding and caring for her offspring.

Strictly speaking, the queen cat is not a kitten, but a reproductive, unsprayed female. The term “queen” for a cat probably originated among British cat breeders as a joke about the British Queen.

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Lynx from other cat herds often have a female group leader. This dominant woman gets the best food and usually acts like a queen, ruling the show along with the other cats.

Since female mother cats need additional food to care for their kittens, male cats are potential fathers to their kittens and are obedient to the females in all feeding matters.

The reason for this is that males are more likely to pass the genes on to healthy kittens that feed their mothers.

People who have more than one cat in their home often say that one cat is in a dominant position and dominates the other, male and female. Undoubtedly, these frequent observations made the female cat a queen in her master’s language.

Purebred female cat called mother

The word “mother” for a kitten or adult cat is basically a term used by breeders to refer to purebred kittens or cats that are bred for sale or display.

However, it is unlikely that you will ever come across the word “dam” used to refer to female kittens, except in documents held by cat breeders and their organizations. The term is also used for other types of female animals, including horses and chickens.

The popular kitten name

Queenie might be a good name for a female kitten, but it doesn’t make it into the top 10 and 20 best kitten names. But Molly also knows

  • Chloe
  • Bella
  • Lily
  • Luna
  • Mia
  • Princess
  • Gracie
  • Kitty

Conclusions on the naming of female kittens

A female cat is called a Molly unless she becomes queen. A female cat is known as a queen if she is an adult who is consistent in her mood for breeding, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

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As soon as the queen stops the flow of water or she is pregnant or taking care of her kittens, she will be able to act like a queen at home again, even if she is Molly again.

Neutered cats are always mollies and only female kittens or cats with official breeding documents raised for breeding are called dams.

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