What happens if you cut cat whiskers?

You are here to know “What happens if you cut cat whiskers?” The comparison that they are given with the eyes of cats, is because they are sensory sensitive to locate them correctly in narrow or dark spaces, where they do not have good visibility or can define distances correctly.

What happens if you cut cat whiskers?

As we have said, whiskers play an important role in the sense of position and direction of the cat, as well as helping it to move in small or dangerous spaces. Hence, it is easy to understand that a cat that has lost its whiskers is more prone to accidental injuries. Because they are unable to measure distances to objects well.

The cats use their whiskers to determine if their body adapts to the space. They have to cross, so a cat that does not have them is likely to remain stuck somewhere. Whiskers also function as assistants in balance, which is why the absence or damage to them can cause our cat to develop problems walking straight and running. It can also cause problems when jumping.

The first consequence of cutting a cat’s mustache hair is the fact that its consciousness (with respect to objects in its physical context) is going to be much more limited. So it is normal for them to repeatedly collide with things.

Another reason why they should not be cut is due to the fact that they are more prone to lose their characteristic balance, causing a conflict in their physical capacities.

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Finally, the most important thing is that these hairs that are full of nerves are used for cats to measure the proportions and distances of their prey. Cutting them would make the hunting task difficult, directly affecting their feeding process.

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