What gets rid of cat pee smell?

Sometimes your cat’s pee can be very unpleasant to smell, not just around the house. Many people want to know “What gets rid of cat pee smell?” Here are some little tips on how to get rid of cat pee and how to prevent it.

The pee cat has a very unpleasant smell, pungent and persistent. It difficult to remove, especially in places where the cat is used to do the needs. Completely eliminating the smell of pee of male cats inside the litter box is practically impossible. The cat litter in fact tends to absorb odors over time.

What gets rid of cat pee smell?

The needs that are made by the cat out of the litter box are different. If your four-legged friend has soiled carpets, sofas, beds or the like, not only is it possible to eliminate the smell of pee. Even with natural remedies, but it is essential. Eliminating the smell of pee is in fact necessary to prevent the cat from dirtying the same place again.

First, sprinkle the place where the cat has soiled with baking soda powder mixed with five drops of mint essential oil. The baking soda will absorb the pee from the fabric and, together with the essential oils. It will help eliminate the odor.

After fifteen minutes, remove the baking soda and proceed with the normal washing of the fabric. To wash non-removable sofas and seat padding, mattresses and carpets that cannot be put in the washing machine. Consider the use of steam, an ecological and natural method to clean and sanitize fabrics thanks to high temperatures.

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If after washing you still smell pee, try spraying a solution of water and vinegar. Be careful not to apply vinegar on delicate fabrics, which could be damaged. If, on the other hand, the pee has only soiled the floor. Dry it and then wash the floor with water and vinegar. So that the cat does not perceive the smell and is less likely to dirty in that place again.

Denatured alcohol

Denatured Alcohol is one of the most popular traditional products by far to eliminate the smell of cat pee. It acts discreetly because it is a solvent. But it is not very effective and it takes a very long time to be effective. And once the cat pee smell is removed, the unpleasant smell of denatured alcohol remains.


The bleach is the queen of traditional cleaning to combat the smell of cat pee. And the return of the markings because eliminates the smell of cat pee smoothly, costs little, is everywhere, both liquid and tablet.

However, bleach has two flaws: the first is that it instantly discolors any colored cloth it encounters. And then if used often and in large quantities, it hurts. In fact, bleach irritates the mucous membranes of the upper airways. In very large quantities and for very long periods of exposure. It is even carcinogenic. In the long run, bleach is not a sustainable solution.


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