What does it mean when your cat headbutts you?

Cats and humans have loved each other for thousands of years. Even though they don’t speak the same language and don’t share the same body language. But over time we have learned to understand each other. For example, why does the cat head butt us? What does it mean when your cat headbutts you? Let’s find out the opinion of the experts together.

The cat, by giving the head, communicates to his human the affection he feels towards him. It is known that each species has its own good manners.

What does it mean when your cat headbutts you?

We (humans) have other ways of communicating our affection towards another person or an animal. The cat, on the other hand, makes it clear (also) with the headbutts. Of course, perhaps compared to the dog, the cat sips more his demonstrations of affection.

But leaning his head against one of your body parts is a clear manifestation of this. It is not a behavioral code that it adopts exclusively towards human beings.

In fact, he behaves in the same way with other cats or with the dogs of the house provided. He has a good relationship with them, of course. In short, the headbutt is an important element in evaluating the success of the coexistence between dog and cat. At least for what concerns the little feline.

Not just affection: what the cat wants to communicate

And it doesn’t end there, we could say. The cat, giving us the heads, does not communicate “only” his affection, making us part of his family. He tells us (and communicates to others) that we are his property.

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At the same time, it could also lick your hand, make a paste on your clothes, hide the nose under your arm and so on. Any physical contact voluntarily established and desired by the cat is a clear demonstration of affection. It loves us and this is how he shows it to us.

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