What does it mean when a cat wags their tail?

I bet that if you are already the owner of a cat, you will surely have at least an idea of what may be the reason that prompts your cat to wag its tail. However, the reasons can be varied and in this guide, we tell you the reasons “What does it mean when a cat wags their tail?”

What does it mean when a cat wags their tail?

A cat wags their tail when it feels confident, afraid, Excited, protected and hunt moment. A cat wags their tails at times when they feel confident and at times they wag their tails even when they are scared. It wags their tails when they are excited and wags their tails when they feel safe.

  • One of the reasons a cat wags its tail, often bringing its tail up and moving it left and right, is that it feels secure.
  • If your cat is walking around the house moving its tail from side to side, it means that it has gained a lot of confidence and is feeling calm and peaceful.
  • The second reason that prompts the cat to wag its tail, however, is negative, as the animal’s tail could move due to the fear or fright that the cat is feeling at that moment.
  • Another reason for cats to move their tails is their excitement. In this case, the tail tends to be lifted upwards and to move with movements from top to bottom.
  • Then this is the same reason that drives cats to wag their tails while they sleep. It is precisely the feeling of feeling safe and protected.
  • A final (simpler this time) reason why cats move their tails is simply the fact that the cat is on the hunt at that moment. This is a common attitude when cats play with their toys or soft toys around the house.
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