What does it mean when a cat sleeps on you?

The cat sleeps on the master’s chest, a very sweet and perhaps unusual attitude on the part of the cat but which arouses curiosity. Let’s find out “What does it mean when a cat sleeps on you?”

We are often used to thinking that the cat is a shy animal, but we confuse this way of being reserved with being indifferent. The fact remains that the cat is a very sweet animal and eager for affection to give and to receive, just like the dog.

What does it mean when a cat sleeps on you?

The cat is a very comfortable animal so it prefers to sleep with its owner and if the temperature in the room is good then it feels comfortable. The cat feels comfortable lying on you or next to you because it feels safe to you.

Among other things, many of his attitudes are very reminiscent of him. Especially when the cat sleeps on the master’s chest, it is something that leaves us quite perplexed. Such a loving attitude certainly cannot be taken for granted in the eyes of those who do not live with a cat.


The cat feels comfortable when lying to its owner. Thanks to the web, we are used to seeing photos of cats choosing the most unthinkable and apparently uncomfortable places to sleep.

But this does not mean that this animal does not love comfort. Truth be told, the cat loves everything that is soft, comfortable and relaxing. Among other things, cats love sofas, beds with soft duvets, pillows, blankets. But in particular, he can be sure he loves the comfort of your belly.

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Heat is certainly another reason why cats sleep on their owners’ chests. As we previously reported in the article “The cat likes boxes”, the ideal temperature for the cat is around 36 degrees.

Therefore, even in contact with the body of its human, the animal perceives all its heat. And it must be said, however, that it transfers much more to its master.

Safe place

Cats always want to sleep in a safe place and want to sleep. So when they think they are safe with their owner they fall asleep with their owner.


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