What does it mean when a cat licks your face?

What does it mean when a cat licks your face? As if it wanted to clean them (as it does with its fur)? Let’s find out the significance of this feline behavior.

Cats, like all pets, sometimes have behaviors that are truly incomprehensible to us. One of them is licking us as he does his fur.

What does it mean when a cat licks your face?

Sometimes, in fact, our cat can lick a person on the face or hair. Just as if he were trying to wash him, in his own way. But why does our cat lick humans as if they were cats? Let’s find out what are the main reasons for this behavior.

A cat licking us might almost seem like a great replacement for our beautician: with its rough tongue. The kitty can really give us a great facial scrub.

But not only that, he caresses us and licks our faces and hair. Just like he does when he licks his hair to wash. But what does this mean? Maybe try to do some grooming?

In fact, since we clean our cat with brushes and clippers, is she trying to return the favor in her own way? Not really.
There are two main reasons why a cat “cleans” its human. And we must also take it as a compliment since one of the two reasons is related to love.

The reasons are essentially the following:

  • The cat licks humans out of affection for them ;
  • The cat feels a delicious taste that it wants to taste.
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The first of the two reasons we were saying, then, is that cats lick the people they love, and who they want to claim as part of their family.


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