What does it mean when a cat hisses at you?

In this article, you will find out “What does it mean when a cat hisses at you?” and what you should do in this case. This knowledge will help you understand your cat better and become a better cat owner.

What does it mean when a cat hisses at you?

Hissing is part of the game for some adult cats. If your cat isn’t showing any further aggression, such as by arching its back or wagging its tail, just stand back and wait for it to resume play. If she’s not coming towards you, then hissing falls into the next category.

Your cat wants to warn you with his hiss

A cat that gets too rough with playing with you will probably give you a short hiss to let you know that it’s getting to be too much. It is best to withdraw from the situation and give your cat some space for himself.

If you approach a cat that is warning you with a hissing sound, you should expect it to attack you. A quick bite in the leg or a scratch to defend themselves are not uncommon. Cats can’t tell you they’re tired of you or even scared. So you have to interpret the hissing correctly when playing.

Your cat is annoyed

If your cat doesn’t interpret your approach as playful at all but is just annoyed by it. In some cases she will let you know with a small hiss followed by obvious disinterest.

If your cat immediately looks away after hissing and ignores you, it’s probably just not in the mood to play. Wait until she comes back to you and wants to play on her own.

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Yours hisses from pain or sickness

Older cats in particular can develop more and more pain and ailments over the years, just like older people. Unfortunately, cats are notoriously bad at showing their pain. That’s why we humans only notice it late when our house cat has a little ailment.

When playing, it can quickly become too much for your older cat and the bones or joints, for example, hurt. It can quickly happen that your cat suddenly wants to end the game with a hiss.

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