What does cat wagging tail mean?

All cat lovers are aware of the fact that these animals are able to be very communicative thanks to their movements, their expressions and the sounds they are able to emit. Among the various methods that cats use to communicate with the outside. There is one that reigns supreme over all the others; we are talking about “what does cat wagging tail mean?”

What does cat wagging tail mean?

One of the most commonly seen attitudes in a feline is the classic straight tail, this movement indicates that our friend is well disposed towards us. A cat keeps this part of the body straight, When wants to communicate his happiness in seeing us and does not disdain the possibility of being pampered.

When a slight vibration is added to this attitude of the part and hopping on the legs the message is truly unmistakable: it is pure love!

The emotion that our friend feels at this moment is really high and if you look at him carefully. You will notice that he squints, almost in ecstasy. This behavior is much more pronounced in male cats than in females. In fact, they tend to be more cautious and are on their own. If your cat moves its tail quickly, swinging it is a clear warning: I’m getting nervous.

If your friend starts behaving this way, avoid disturbing him and leave him alone, something is bothering him and perpetuating it would only make things worse.

A very fast movement from one side to the other demonstrates the intent to attack in an imminent manner or it can denote anger. If your friend is preparing an ambush you will also notice it by the fact that in addition to the tail will also swing his back. Stay away from him because bites and scratches are very likely.

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