What do cat ear mites look like?

Ear mites can cause different symptoms and consequences depending on the degree and magnitude of the infestation. Do you want to know “What do cat ear mites look like?” In this article, you will find out your answer.

What do cat ear mites look like?

The cat ear mite is a tiny animal that humans can see with the naked eye. Its color is dark brown. Mites in cats are ectoparasites that remain on the skin of animals in order to feed on it. They can stay in the dermis or, on the contrary, penetrate the skin to find the optimal conditions to continue growing.

If you do not act quickly, the consequences can be worse, increasing the number of mites and thus increasing the infection. There are different types of mites in cats and, although those of otitis and mange are the most common, they are not the only ones. Otodectes cynotis, demodex cati, demodex gatoi, notoedres cati and cheyletiella can also affect the feline.

There is no doubt that the otodectes cynotis is one of the most repeated mites in cats since it is located in the ears of animals and adapts to any condition and environment. Their life cycle is usually about 3 weeks from hatching to infestation.

Although they are usually located in the ear canal, if the infestation increases and its severity spreads, the affected area will also extend to other areas such as the head and even the face of the feline. The upper part of the tail can also become infested because of the way cats sleep.

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Parasitic otitis externa: as a reaction to the mites, a dark mass forms in one or both ears as a result of the blood and secretion generated in the ear.

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