What cat breed is right for me?

Would you like to have a four-legged friend and have you already decided that a cat is a right pet for you?
So the question arises what cat breed is right for me? Is a small cat better than an adult one? Can I let it run semi-free outdoors?

In short, after all, it is important to keep in mind that our sweet kitten is nothing more than a tame predator, which naturally needs to vent its instincts.

What cat breed is right for me?

The Exotic cat: The Exotic cat is perhaps the most affectionate breed of all with the family to such an extent that it cannot bear loneliness and falls into depression if it spends too much time alone.

He is very tame and is found where most of the family is to be in company and offer all his love. In addition, it tolerates coexistence with other animals very well.

The most affectionate cat breeds – The Exotic cat.

Sacred cat of Burma: The sacred cat of Burma is an aesthetically beautiful breed. Their way of doing it is perfect for returning the affection he receives from his family, which is why he is on the list of the most affectionate cat breeds.

It is not a pestiferous and restless breed like others. It has a peaceful and serene temperament, making it perfect for families who want peace of mind at home.

In case you decide on semi-freedom, one possibility is to secure the garden or balcony of your home. Through the use of special protection nets that prevent the animal from venturing outside.

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In case you prefer an apartment cat, it is important to keep in mind that each room automatically becomes part of the pet’s territory. In fact, it is important that apartment cats have access to all rooms.

Ideal as indoor cats are the breeds that have less need to roam outdoors, including the Persian, the Devon Rex, the sacred cat of Burma or the Ragdoll, which are particularly calm and tied to the master.


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