What age is a senior cat?

Many of us like to raise cats because cats can be easily tamed. Especially children who love to play with cats. But when a cat gets older, there are many problems. So many people want to know “What age is a senior cat?” What are the most common problems of older cats?

What age is a senior cat?

A cat usually matures between the ages of 7 and 11 and the cat becomes a senior at the age of 15. The elderly cat over 16 years will always be slower and clumsy in movements. As cats get older, they need to pay more attention and serve food on time. At times it will seem confused and unresponsive.

It will sleep a lot and will almost certainly meow more than before. Even if it will seek less interaction with its family. These include hearing loss and clouded eyes; the coat usually appears more neglected in the older cat than in the young one. And the movements are often slowed down and more insecure.

Another change that can be observed in older cats is the difficulty in withdrawing the nails, probably related to reduced tendon and phalangeal motility, while the nails themselves become thinner ”, explains Cozy.

The cat can lose weight, both due to the loss of muscle mass and the loss of appetite, which can also occur due to a partial loss of smell.

Cat old age, needs and care from 16 years onwards

During the visit to the vet, it is important to communicate symptoms and signs such as increased or decreased thirst, loss of appetite or increased appetite, aggressive behavior, breathing and movement difficulties.

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To make your cat happy in the last years of his life, get him a comfortable and warm kennel to put in a quiet place in the house, with some of his favorite toys always at hand.


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