How do i know what breed my cat is?

We love cats so much. If we love cats, it may happen that we want to understand “How do I know what breed my cat is?”  And there are many ways to figure it out quite simply.

When we adopt a cat, we are often not sure what breed it is. Especially if it was a foundling or a mixed breed cat.

How do i know what breed my cat is?

If we want to understand where our cat comes from, we can use a lot of purely visual information such as the color of the hair, the shape of the ears, the character, the shape of the face, the color of the eyes, the length of the legs, and much more. But there is so much we can use to understand what breed it is and whether it is a purebred cat or a mixed breed cat.

Compared to understanding what breed a cat is. But it is possible to do this starting from factors such as:

  • Coat color and type
  • Behavior
  • Marks on the fur
  • body size
  • Face shape
  • The shape of the ears
  • Eye color and shape
  • Vocality

First, we can easily determine the length of its fur. Especially for mixed breeds, veterinarians classify cats based on coat length. A domestic shorthair cat is in effect a breed of mixed origins.

Just to get an idea, in the United States alone there are 80 million shorthair domestic cats, equal to 90-95% of the cats present in the territory. Obviously, they should not be confused with breeds such as British Shorthair or American Shorthair.

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Then we have medium-haired domestic cats with double-layered fur. Their behavior and character vary from specimen to specimen and the color of their eyes.

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I hope you have read this article to understand How to you know what breed is your cat?

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